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Productive Tuesday

Last night I made a list of things to do today, and by golly I actually followed through!

First I called and scheduled an appointment for Thursday to get my cracked windshield replaced. $177

Then I went to JCP to drop off my bracelet for repair. I’ve been needing to do it but wanted to wait till after the Xmas/vday rush. While I was there, browsing, I find a ring on clearance that matched my bracelet,
marked down to $60!


The older man helping me took forever to do things, and I totally spaced using the $10 gift card I won took after we completed the transaction..  so I just went downstairs and used it on some underwear instead lol.

After that, I swung by a gym, Fitness 19, to check them out and see their prices… it’s small, close to the house, and cheap-ish. So I signed up, and even got 12 personal training sessions too. Might as well get on it because the cruise is just a few months away! So I’m waiting for the trainer to call and make our first appointment. My boss at ulta goes there, so maybe we can go together!

Once I got home I decided to clean out the car, it was getting bad! So I got all the crap out of it, wiped it all down and armor-all’d the leather. I need to find that stuff to seal holes in the leather.  Damn dogs getting where they shouldn’t be has made some scratches. And I should really stop eating in the car, lots of little crumbs everywhere lol. Oh and Abbie supervised while Ellie rolled in the grass and found who knows what to eat off the ground.


I’ve got a few hours till I have to go to work, so I think I’ll get the vday designs off my nails and paint something pretty on them…

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Gettin it done

Look at me being productive today! Well I worked for a few hours this morning…

But then, I came home, made some food, watched tv, made some more food…

Watched the Broncos beat the red skins, did some homework, took some quizzes..

Watched the world series, watched the Kardashian’s, more quizzes done, watched the end of the world series..

Gathered almost all my socks and threw them in the washer…changed out the litter box, cleaned up Abbies messy corner, Took the trash out, now I’ve just started watching safe house, and plan to sort/fold one basket of clean laundry till the socks can go in the washer!

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I Had a Full Weekend

Ahhh I feel refreshed for once! I went to sleep at 7:30pm last night I had slightly fallen asleep on the couch for a few minutes which gave me an awful crink in my neck, once I woke up from that I went to my bed and slept till about 5am when I had a horribly shitty dream…. i couldnt sleep for about 45 mins after that but finally managed to sleep until 9am. I really needed it!

I was gonna go to Pachanga this morning but I kinda forgot, I was laying in bed and it was 9:08.. and there was no way I’d make it to class by 9:30, so, oh well lol.

Friday night i went out with some girls from Pachanga to Opal, a sushi lounge, for a Salsa lesson and dancing. It was fun! I wore the LBD i bought a while back at JCP, its been hanging in my closet dying to be worn! It’s interesting to learn from a different teacher. We knew the basic steps from pachanga class but still. However, after the lesson I spent most of the time standing against the wall with my friends or sitting in the chairs with my drink. It felt like a middle school dance all over again, the losers just sitting together. Kristi and Melissa both got asked to dance multiple times but i’m sure its because theyve been there before, the people there know them, and know they can dance well? I dunno. Whatever. It was still a nice night out with the girls. I headed home around 11:30 though because I was exhausted after being up since 4:30 am, working, running lots of errands and what not.

Something weird happened Saturday morning, I set my alarm for 7 am. It went off, I hit snooze 2 times (= 10 mins total) I got up, went to pee, came back to my room and got dressed for work, brushed my hair and walked out the front door. As i’m doing so, I look at my phone and the clock says 8:40am. ummmmmm WHAT? no. it should only be 7:40! so I turn around, go back inside, and all the clocks inside say 8:40 as well. HOW THE HELL DID I JUST LOSE AN HOUR OF TIME??? So i call work and say i’m running late, obv, i was supposed to be there at 8, and that i’m on my way there now. They were fine, no issue with it, I dunno if they even realized I wasn’t there. You think they’d call or something right? LoL Whatevs. I only had to work 3 hours but it felt like an eternity. I wasn’t hung over or exhausted or anything. I just wanna know where that 1 hour of time went, i’m very confused. Did i stroke out or something?!


After work I got my hair done by one of the salon girls, I had them do the Glaze they told me about last time and It came out SUPER cute. It’s very dark, almost chocolatey but when i wear a black shirt my hair almost looks black! She put some red filler in first to even out my hair colors and then the brown over it. So theres different facets to it in the light.


Yesterday I picked up a makeup organizer at Target, i’d seen a similar one at my work, but it was a lot more expensive, same brand and all. But it looks really good, better than what I had in the bathroom for my makeup, and I was able to go through and purge a lot of stuff I dont use anymore or don’t like that much. So it was a good investment!

I’ve got lots I WANT to get done today and there should be no reason I can’t since I got like 14 hours of sleep last night. No naps today!

  • Clean the Bunnies & Kitties areas
  • Clean off coffee table
  • Buy a newspaper and organize coupons
  • Find Bath & Body works coupon and go to the store
  • Change sheets on the bed
  • Get some studying done
  • and i’m sure theres some other crap I can do.

2 am

Every sunday night I have problems falling asleep but seeing as how I don’t work this monday I’m ok with it.

I napped off and on all day long so I saw this coming.

Around 1am I started cleaning the kitchen, put sheets on my bed, ran the dishwasher and cleaned off the couch and chair.

The coffee table is still atrocious as well as dining table eh whatevs.

Chan is supposed to stop by in the AM to say goodbye.

Figured that I can go to a Zumba class every night mon-thurs at diff locations if I want to. That would be good. There’s one tonight at 6:30

Gonna watch The Town today at some point so I can send it back and get somethin else. Also need to copy some movies and send em to my dad..

Alright I should head to bed..

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Productive night!

So I managed to empty 2 previously half unpacked boxes, and combined 2 other huge rubber maid boxes and miscellaneous stuff and fit it all up in my hall closet! With a lil room to spare, I can move some things around now to fill it all in.

So proud.
Found tons and tons of pictures from around ’99-“02 so funny to see them.

Hung a few pictures up too…now I have 3 extra rubbermaid bins to try and figure out what to do with/where to store….may end up going in my regular closet. A 4th is going to go in the back of my car to hold all the car stuff that’s overflowing in the tiny box I currently have.

Will have to vacuum the place tomorrow since its 10pm now…and NYRE is going to be starting on tv… NKOTBSB just performed east coast time, and the ball just dropped!

Lots of laundry to do tomorrow and to put away…

What an exciting way to end 2010 right LOL…but ill be happy to start 2011 clean and organized!!! Yay!
Oh yeah…and its -11¤ outside here in Denver. Kinda glad I stayed home and warm!!!

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Woooo being productive today. The Broncos aren’t playing that great, surprise surprise, so I’ve cleaned the kitchen and swept/swiffered the floor, got some laundry in the washer and dryer currently, and running the dishwasher.

Still need to clean off the dining table so I can set up my tiny tree, and also the ledge btwn the door/kitchen where mail and general crap ends up..

I sloppily hung up some xmas lights in my windows last night. Don’t have much to work with so its not that great lol. I bought some of those 3M hooks and they work perfectly (so far) for the lights, I also used one to hang a Tap Light near my washer cuz its dark in there.

Gotta finish up all my laundry, and put it away this time today. Oh and clean the litter box and vacuum. If I have enough motivation left imma clean the bunnies too.

DawgFude is being very needy today. I gave everyone treats today, and Ellie a “long lasting bone”…yah all of 2-3 minutes….she can’t savor and enjoy anything!

We didn’t win squat at bingo last night, we only played 4 games instead of 5 because their microphone was broken, so they were Yelling out the #s to a crowded bar, wasn’t great.

Its going to be a payday week coming up, yay, so excited. LoL. Got bills to pay and what not.

I figured out how to make my fave dish from Noodles & Co. The Pasta Fresca, so I may make that again for dinner. For as much as it costs at the restaurant, I bought all the ingredients I didn’t already have to make it, MULITPLE times.

7 mins left in the game, once its over, ill get up and get back to cleaning…

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Why oh why?

If I could be as productive all day as I am after 9pm, my house would be immaculate.

Seriously i didnt do shit all day cleaning wise until i thought hey, its getting late, i should take a shower, oh and do some laundry, and while i’m at it why dont i mend these 2 sweaters that have holes in them, oh and I need to cover up the AC unit since it lets cold air in, look i found the cat’s collar let me tackle her and put it back on, since i’m putting the chair back at the dining table I might as well put the dog food on the shelf to get it out of the way, and the cats need more water too……..

Yeah I did all that in about an hours time lol. wtf??

This morning I went and got my nails done all holiday -ish

I like them very much. I don’t plan on having money again between now and xmas so i might as well just get in the Holiday spirit already.

I did vacuum a little yesterday, and I played Just Dance 2 omg so much fun! I was sweatin ballz when i was done – after 11 rounds. I need to play it again asap! Was gonna go to the gym tonight and go swimming… but that didnt happen and now it’s snowing outside so I’m not really in the mood to get all wet either way.

Need to go shower now so I can get ready fast in the AM and drive through traffuck in the snow to work. Oh joy a Monday at the end of the month, after a holiday. I can haz morphine?


Ready for halloweeeeeeen

This is the warmest Halloween I think Denver has ever seen.. at least in the time that I’ve been here.. 68 degrees today, lil windy but I hope that’ll go away by tonight…

Ellie and I will be going over to Jess’ to go T/Ting…

Then I’m going to Bingo of course, being dressed in costume earns you a free appetizer woohooo! Plus I have my gift cards to use so I dont have to worry about money..

Ellie got a bath this morning cuz she was hella stinky.. then I took her with me on the way to my nail appt so she could air dry…

Check out my nails, super cute! Pink sparkly tips instead of basic white..

Sparkly Pink

After that went to Target and finally found the Maybelline “Falsies” mascara I’ve been looking for. . . Stopped by the halloween store in search of some black Hair Spray stuff, but there was a check out line with about 75 people in it, I knew I did not have enough patience to stand there for who knows how long so I turned around and walked out.

Drove down the streeto to Walmart, found the can for $1.99 cheaper, checked out and was on my way. Never thought i’d say I was thankful for walmart but today I was LOL.

I had a coupon for a free lip item from Bath and Body works so of course I had to go use that, which required a purchase, so I bought a new Hand Sanitizer PocketBac and holder for $2, and got a free Lemon and Pomegranate lip gloss… and $8 savings woohooo.

On the way home forgot that I needed electrical tape so I stopped by the grocery store and got that. A week or so ago the cats knocked my laptop off the coffee table and broke a plastic piece on the AC adpater where it plugs in to the ‘puter. Today I woke up and the laptop was on the floor again. Dunno who did it this time but Ive had enough of them breaking my shit!!! Anyways so I MacGuyver’d the adapter and it holds for now… Went on ebay and found a replacement for $10.25 with free shipping..should have it by the end of the week…

So anyways, I’m going to be Snookie tonight for halloween hence the black hair spray, I also remembered I have a new set of fake eyelashes.. I’m gonna wear my jean capris, my silver sequin heels… and I’m not sure which top yet.. I also have too dark for me orangey foundation to use and Ill do my eye makeup jersey style with the signature poof of course. Good thing I just found my large bumpit the other day!

I should shower soon, and take out the garbage it’s stiiiiiinky… gotta be to Jess’ by 6 with pumpkin dog..


Nevermind… apparently her neighborhood isn’t doing trick or treating tonight… who celebrates a holiday on a Sunday when ppl have work and school on Monday? oh well.

Josh says he’s not going to Bingo tonight.. i wanna go, but not by myself… My friend courtney invited me to a party.. now i just feel blah, i really wanted to dress up..


I was productive

Yesterday’s to-do List

  • Today I will go to either Old Navy, or Target and buy some new underwear.
    Done, went to Old Navy spent $7 on 6 pairs, went to Macy’s spent $9 on 3 pairs, hey I spent less than $20 thats all that matters
  • Then I’ll clean the living room/bunnies/litter box
    Today, I cleaned the bunnies and vacuumed the living room. yesterday i did the litter box.
  • Send out some bills
    Done, dropped them in the outgoing mail box.
  • Go to the post office to try and find my package w/o throwing a temper tantrum (maybe)
    Was successful at both
  • Going to meet up with Original Josh tonight, so I’ll miss Blue Bloods.. but the DVR should record it, which i’ll double check before I leave. Tanya and Ron may be coming as well.. we’ll see.
    Done.. Tanya came – at least she left the house for once, and I watched Blue Bloods today
  • Hmmm i could use a hair trim.. maybe I’ll get a wash and cut done while I’m out running around today..
    Yuuuuup did it, lookin good!

Tanya is on her way over to pick up some boxes, If i was motivated i’d empty out a few more but.. i’m not.. there’s enough for her.

Seems the roofers are finally done this afternoon with my part of the building, my throbbing head thanks them.

Supposed to go to Thornton for Stephy’s bday party tonight, long drive, but I should at least make an appearance and show up to bingo late.

I cannot get full today, had cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast, and then a ham sandwich for lunch.. i’m still hungry.

The Holiday, Dirty Dancing, Where the Heart is, and Shrek have all been on TV today, and I have watched them all, at least parts of them all.

Went to Tyler’s today so he could check out my car, he couldnt find anything loose in the door that would be causing the lights to stay on, took the whole panel off and everything. Put it back together and tightened some bolts around the door latch, when I left and got back home the light was still off so hopefully it stays that way. I think it just needed a little tightening, i mean the car IS 13 years old… so really its just being a rebellious teenager right now!

I better get off my butt and do something ….

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Oh yeah and…

There was some other stuff I wanted to talk about that I didnt in the last post…

Next week we'll be working 8 hours of overtime to try and get caught up on paperwork.
Mon – Thurs we're going to come in an hour early to "screen" mail so, 7 am.
Saturday we will go in at 8 for 4 hours to process 75 pieces of mail each.

We got to vote on it, it was either that way, or ONLY 4 hours on Saturday.
I voted for the 8 hours because I obv. need the money, other ppl were pissy about it, and one girl read it wrong and didnt realize what she was voting for.

So being there at 7am is gonna be rough.. but its only 4 days.. hopefully I can survive.

NKOTB Cruise 2011 tickets go on sale Friday the 13th. at 8 am. So i asked to come into work a lil late that day, they sold out in hours last year. Even though I have pre-sale access, I still want to be sure I get a spot.
So in order to pay for it, I went to my credit union today and got a short term loan, similar to a payday loan but without all the stipulations and extra fees. Last year it was required to put $300 deposit down, and pay the rest in installments so that is feasible. (hopefully with a 2nd job)

If my calculations are correct my garnishment will be done by the end of the year hopefully… and in January ill be back to getting full paychecks again.

Hit up Walgreen's, target, and the grocery store today coupons in hand and got everything I needed for cheapy yay.
Including Special K protein meal replacement bars. they are SO friggin yummy.. i have 4 boxes now LOL. Double chocolate & peanut butter and chocolate.

I want to avoid all 'fast food'/eating out, aside from Fridays Bingo Night for a while.
This will help my bank account and my waist line. . hopefully.

I've had this zit on the back of my ear for like 3 weeks, i thought I had it taken care of last week, but its still there I dunno whats going on with it and its at such a retarded angle I cant really "attack It" ya know?

Allllllllll of my laundry has been taken care of today, theres one load in the dryer right now and some on my bed im gonna put away as soon as I finish this post. I also put clean sheets on my bed, and just need to straighten up the rest of my room. It's amazing what you can get done when you're not hungover all day!!!

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