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QotD: Summer Songs

What's the best summer song of all time?

You really shouldnt be shocked by this first one.. 

NKOTB – Summertime

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

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QotD: I Scream for Ice Cream

Ice cream season is here! What's your favorite flavor? How do you take it? (Cup, cone, waffle cone, sundae etc.)


any time any day any situation. ice cream will always make things better.

as a child i loved GREEN mint chocolate chip. still do.

my tastes have expanded to anything with brownies in it, or mint.
rainbow sherbert mmmmm
I still do NOT like any ice cream with any kind of nut in it. ew gross. no thank you.

i can eat a pint of ben and jerrys in one sitting, but i TRY not to.

i like it in a cup, or a sugar cone, or a waffle cone dipped in chocolate with rainbow sprinkles

Sorbet is also yummy as well as yogurt, my 2nd job was in a TCBY. Oh the concoctions you can make!

if i put chocolate syrup on it, i will inevitably spill it on myself, just happens. cant help it.

I'm gonna have to pick up something on the way home from work now.. maybe some DQ

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QotD: The Art of Communication

Do you prefer communicating via phone, text message or email? Does using a certain one change your behavior? (I.e. Is it easier to flirt via text than over the phone? Are you more business like in email etc.?)

TEXT all the way. every day. any day.

I dont really talk on the phone all that much, i mean i call my family, and i call tanya almost every day after work, but that's really about it. I used to talk to NC every night on the phone when we were still talking/flirting.

It's  just so much easier to text. Plus my blackberry does everything, tweeting, facebook, emailing.

I dont use email as a reliable contact for most ppl because they dont check it 24/7 like some of us do.

It's gonna be difficult this weekend ON THE CRUISE!!! without my phone, ill have it till i get on the boat friday, and then when we get back monday.

Like Jodi i too deleted the sponsored portion of the question even though Sprint is my carrier, they dont need much more support

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QotD: May Day

When's the last time you asked someone for help? Did you get it?

Yes! Always! Today in fact!

Tyler cleaned and adjusted my rear brakes, yay! Something he told me to get done 6 months ago, and i never did.. oops.. but he did it w/o bitching, and with a white chocolate mocha (=

Then I went and got an oil change and of course they find 398743098 things wrong with the car, well damn its 13 years old of course it has problems! But one was a major one, the idle pulley/serpentine belt needed to be replaced ASAP.

So I told Josh about it and he did it for me! I went to AutoZone and bought the parts and it was fixed in about 30 minutes for only $58… instead of the $192 they quoted me.

My friends are awesome.

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QotD: Online Shopping

Do you shop online during work or school? Do you feel guilty about doing so or is it just par for the course? What's the last thing you bought when you were "supposed" to be working/studying?

I think now a days its just normal. most employers should realize its gonna happen no matter how much you monitor things.

up front, we dont have internet access at ALL. we have intRAnet access to local city information but even that is limited.

on our breaks we fight over the 1 computer that DOES have access but to of course, city approved websites. surprisingly, facebook is still one of them.

i dont think online shopping is as prevalent during work more than just social networks or browsing or blogging as i am now.

when i was at macys i was always checking my phone facebook, texts, horoscope, playing brick breaker.. ya know, normal stuff lol.

my sup now gets angry if i have my phone out on my desk. i really dont see the big deal. for ME i work better when i'm multitasking, and if im sitting there waiting for a customer to take their sweet ass time to get to my window, well i should be able to check my recent text or IM. 

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QotD: Drop Everything

If you could drop everything and go anywhere and do anything – without any financial or personal consequences – where would you go and what would you do?

Hmmmmm I'd like to go to Fiji and spend sometime on the beach or a cabana… and then on to Australia and visit some kangaroos and hot guys. On my way back stop in Boston and see the sights and some hot guys… oh and somewhere in south america and visit some penguins…and of course, hot guys. TYVM!

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QotD: My First Car

What was your first car? How old were you and how did you get it?

'81 Buick Skylark

so it looked like that, but blue. it was a well.. look at it lol
my step dad bought it somewhere, from someone i'm not sure… but i pimped it out and put a cd deck in it lol…

eventually it uhm.. well it caught on fire… on the way back from reno.. we werent supposed to be there, we told our parents we were at the movies… luckily we made it back to carson, and stopped in a 7-11 and left it there…

i got it when i was 16… i think they just got me that big clunker to make sure if i got in an accident nothing would happen to me.. which i never did!

After that, i got an '85 thunderbird, Brown

which i had till i moved out to Denver, and still had for another year or two here till i got fed up with it dying when i'd go over a speed bump.

sold it to a co-worker from tgifridays and was done with it!

Bought my '97 Nissan 200sx SE-R after that, sold it to Tanya..

And now have my Grandpa's '97 Blazer!

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QotD: Friends IRL

Have you ever met an online friend in real life? How did it go?

Uhm yeah! Duh! A majority of ppl i know and are friends with in CO are from the 'net!

More specifically "Places-Denver"
If you're from there, you know what i'm talkin bout!

Lets see:

  • lisa
  • amber
  • mandy
  • steph(s)
  • lauwen
  • atc
  • brent
  • egyptian
  • teacher
  • josh
  • chan
  • plus tons more…and im sure there will be more in the future. 

they've all turned out pretty well! some are my bff's and like sisters to me. there's been lots of drunken nights at bars and house parties, loves, losses, babies, pets… i'm gonna leave it on a positive note (=

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QotD: When Animals Attack

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Bitten by a dog?

It's been quite a long time, the last I remember being stung by a bee I was probably 5 years old at the park with my dad playing frisbee, I'm pretty sure I stepped on the bee, not on purpose of course.. and it hurt like a mofo!!

Ellie's snapped at me a few times but has never done any damage, and even when working at the vet clinic, and the animal shelter, and at vet school i never got bitten. Cat's are another story, everyone gets scratched by them. LoL

I say at work all the time, I'd rather be bitten by a dog everyday then yelled at by asshole customers, because a dog is only biting you because they are afraid and dont always understand you're trying to help them. People – are just rude.

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QotD: Breakfast of Champions

If you had to pick one breakfast food to eat every morning for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Waffle Crisp for suuuure!! I went through the 2 boxes Amber sent me quickly, I need some more!! If you have it in your area I'll pay you to send it to me!!

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