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It’s Official!

So this came in the mail yesterday



Now I’ve just gotta pass the VTNE!

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Put Put Puttin it off…

How much longer can I procrastinate on studying? Well I can write this that’ll take a few minutes!!

Today was my FINAL day at internship woohoo! 180 hours down. I learned quite a bit and had a lot of new experiences at this clinic. I learned that some places still do things the outdated way, or unnecessarily… and I also learned the type of technicians that I DON’T want to work with in the future.  I really liked the Dr’s there, they taught me a lot. The tech’s were OK, one in particular was just very two faced. One way with pet parents and  completely different with me and others. Maybe even bi-polar ish.  Anyways.

I’m trying to get started on my 5 case studies.. that are due on Sunday.  I also have some online tests and what not to complete by then as well.  If I get everything completed, I may treat myself to the new Hunger Games movie on Sunday.  I’ve only got school until the 9th and then I’ll be done! DONE DONE DONE! How exciting is that?! Cross your fingers that I pass all my finals and my classes!

Luckily the 37 hours I spent at the clinic this week weren’t totally wasted, during the slow times I was able to type up all my notes for ONE class.. and then started on a second today.

I was planning on making my 18# turkey this week, but Jamie & Tyler invited me over for thanksgiving and after thinking about it, I decided I’d probably be exhausted and not in the mood to cook all that food for just me and the dogs. While waiting for dinner I dozed off on the couch for a bit LOL! What can I say, I was comfy and had an empty belly full of wine!

I figure I can make my turkey and what not in a couple weeks either when schools done, or for Christmas. I did make the same strawberry cheesecake with chocolate layer that I made last year and it was delish again.

Because I had to go to the clinic today, I didnt do any black Friday shopping, and because I really didnt have any money. However I did stop by PetSmart on the way in because they were giving out stockings with coupons in them. So that was a nice lil treat. I ordered 2 nail polishes from Julep because it only came to $4.99 and free shipping!

My Christmas cards came in the mail this week, so if any one wants one, message me your address. They’re SUPER cute!

My credit union refunded my stolen money and I finally was able to  get a new debit card today. I’ve still gotta send in my letter to the cc companies, but its such a pain to call them and explain the issue to someone who doesn’t understand English and can’t comprehend what I’m attempting to do.

Oh my rash is finally starting to subside, actually it’s almost gone! Now that I’ve gone to a new dr who actually listened and concurred with my ideas, the anti-fungal cream is working, I haven’t been itchy in a week, and my skin is barely even red! I go back in 2 weeks for  a recheck, but I’m already totally satisfied with the results so far.

Alright well I guess that’s enough of an update for now.. till something else exciting happens.

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Finally, a break! Kind of. . .

Oh my goodness its been almost a month since my last update! Forgive me, school and work have been taking up all my time!!

I’m officially on Thanksgiving break since around 1pm today. However its not really a *break* because I have to finish up 37 hours of internship this upcoming week, plus somehow study for all my finals, catch up on my math class that I’m behind in, as well as work all weekend for Purina, and then 3 days next week for Ulta.

I’m also planning on making thanksgiving for me and the dogs… I bought an 18# turkey for about $9 LOL.. however I did get an offer to go over to a friends house for thanksgiving so if I’m too tired to cook I may just do that.

It snowed again here yesterday, the high was 17 degrees… the day before it was about 60… It took me an hour and a half to make my normal 30 minute drive. All over about an inch and a half, maybe 2 inches of snow.. aggravating!

Hmm what else..

I’ve been slowly unfucking parts of the house when I have an extra few hours here and there… Oh i got a new tv stand from a friend, and gave my old one away.. so that was like 3 hours of my night off work removing/reattaching trying to figure out the audio system. Since I wasn’t the one who set it up… but I did eventually figure it out!

I finally cancelled my cable tv, and I’ve been surprisingly okay without it. I did buy a digital converter/antenna thingy for the living room, and have been moving my chromecast between the bedroom and living room.

OH today’s gem was that my debit card has been compromised and someone managed to process a $120 payment through western union on my account… which made 2 of my cc payments bounce.. so now i’ve gotta deal with the credit union, wait for a letter from them to be able to send to those companies. what a pain in the ass! late tonight I realized my car insurance is due tomorrow, so my mom was able to send me some $ via paypal, so i’ll have to go to the bank early in the am before work and deposit it the old fashioned way.

Welp I throw my scrubs in the dryer and head to I can wake up early and work 10 hours tomorrow URRRGGGHH!!!



Time to catch up

I should be writing up my lab report thats due tomorrow, but I realized I hadn’t updated this since Sept 16 when we were being flooded!

So things have dried out since then we even got our first snow, and the weather has been its normal colorado bipolar self, hot one day, 30 degrees the next, etc etc.

Lets see lots has happened in the last few weeks..

For school, we went to a cattle farm, learned how to herd the cows,


how to halter them,


and give them medicine with a balling gun (its not a real gun)


Then 3 out of the 15 of us, go to pregnancy check the cows! The vet went in first to make sure they were pregnant, so she could direct us to feel for what we needed to.


So there’s me, (looking fat) shoulder deep in a cow!

Can you believe that?! As gross as it was, it was pretty damn cool, and I did feel the baby! They were about 3-4 months pregnant at the time. I asked a TON of questions to both the vet and the owners. What can I say I think  I really like large animals!






I actually got a perfect score on that lab, and the teacher even said something nice to me about taking charge, and how comfortable I was around them.




Lets see what else.. Oh! The dogs and I did the Wag’nTrail and that was a lot of fun. I thought they were going to be challenging since it was just me with them, but we actually managed pretty well. They got tons of snacks and treats at all the tables and were worn out by the time we got home. So here’s our family portrait for the year!







Last week at my internship, I got to scrub in and assist on a surgery to remove a ROCK from a dog’s stomach!! It was the coolest thing! I got to hold the intestines while the dr cut above and below the rock and then reattached the intestines together. I got to suction out the abdomen while she rinsed it all out. It was by far the coolest surgery I’ve been able to participate it!

This was the SECOND rock the dog has eaten in 2 months. His hair hadent even fully grown back from his last surgery. Hopefully he doesn’t do this again! The owner says he doesnt have rocks in his yard, doesn’t know where the dog is getting them from!

This week I performed 2 COMPLETE DENTALS on dogs with Xrays that I did by myself! Awesome sauce!

There’s only about 2 months left of school and I’m starting to freak out! It seems like we still have SO MUCH TO LEARN and not enough time to do it in! I’m super over whelmed with it all. Between school 3 days a week, internship twice a week, working at ulta 4 nights a week and proplan fri thru sunday I never have time to do anything! I actually asked for tonight off from ulta so that I could stay later at my internship cuz i need those hours!  As I said earlier i’ve gotta get some homework done tonight that’s due tomorrow.

20131003_161835Some unlicensed lady swiped the side of my car on my way home last week. It’s really not that bad of a scratch, but I still reported it to insurance and also called the cops since all she could produce was a mexican consular id, not a drivers license even though she insisted she had one. The cop confirmed that she did NOT, gave her her 2nd ticket for that, as well as an improper lane change resulting in an accident. Which reminds me I need to return the call to that insurance company tomorrow.

20131010_204101Last week I got a weird itchy spot at the bottom of my neck, and on the back of my shoulder, then on the inside of my arm. Looked like some weird rash and got itchier as the days went on. Since I finally (for now) have insurance i went to a dermatologist because I was afraid it might be ringworm, since I work with animals and what not. Fortunately it was not! He said it was some sort of “Nodular Eczema”. They dont know what causes it why it appears or how, its not contagious but goes away easily with super steroid ($46!!!) cream. It’s already feeling a LOT better and way less itchy. I also had them remove a spot on my leg that was possibly a mole or something that I had accidentally shaved off MONTHS AND MONTHS Ago that just refused to heal. So they removed it and cauterized it, sent it off for biopsy just in case. Hopefully it’ll heal now.

In other happier news, I decided to book the next NKOTB Cruise for next year!!! They just announced it the other day, of course with not enough time to process it all and whatnot, but I managed to move some money around and have enough for the deposit. I’ll be rooming with my Canadian friend Brenda again. The reason(s) I decided to do it was because it’s a month after my official graduation, AND the fact that it’s leaving from a different port. Instead of Miami, it’s leaving from NEW YORK CITY!!! and Traveling to Bermuda!!! I’ve never been to either place and I’m so freaking stoked! Now I’ve just gotta figure out how to pay for it all.. hoping my tax refund will come early next year and I can take care of a lot of it with that!


What’s a day off?

Most people get to relax on Labor Day weekend right? Well I guess I kind of did. I worked only 8 hours instead of 18 for Purina. It was an optional weekend being a holiday and all, so I figured I might as well work SOME so that I’m not completely broke once payday comes around.

So I had Sunday off, the first full day off of school and work that Ive had I think since I got back from Vegas in July.. so my plan was to unfuck the house as much as I could. So I cleaned up the cat box corner, threw out the non-working automatic litter box, took out the parts they requested to send me a replacement cuz it was still under warranty, vacuumed and cleaned the carpet, cleaned some of the kitchen, did some laundry, cleaned off the top of Abbie’s kennel.. thats about as far as I got.. before i lost steam.

This morning I felt like I did stuff.. oh i did a lil more laundry, still yet to be put away though, cleaned out the vacuum filters, they were gross..

My goal is to get the couch cleaned off, theres enough room for me to sit on it, but not the dogs or the cats easily.. which is frustrating to all of us.. sigh

Then I had to go work a few hours tonight at ulta it was super dead most of the night and we couldn’t really do anything productive since all the stuff we needed was behind the construction wall, pipes, electrical wires, concrete etc.. so we left 45 minutes early, works for me!

Side note, my skin is breaking out like crazy and I know its because I went off my bc like, a month or 2 ago… and i’ve gained weight.. who gains weight after getting OFF bc?!? how’s that make any sense?!?!! heysoos, BUT, I don’t feel as crazy anymore and waaaay less emotional, crying on the spot, and no mood swings, woohoo.

Id love to get back to pachanga or the gym, but, those both cost money and require free time. Neither of which I have right now.

School is taking up 18 credit hours a week, including internship twice a week, and working about 7 days a week. So I’m glad I at least had yesterday off to get a few things done.

Well Ive got one more separate post to make then Ive gotta head to bed since Ive gotta fight rush hour traffic tomorrow…

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Waiting and Working

Sitting here, waiting for my laundry to finish in the washer, so I can throw it in the dryer and go to bed. Kinda need clean pants for work tomorrow, ‘Nother 8 hours for Purina. I’m up to working about 18 hours for them from Fri-Sun, and about 20 hours at Ulta Mon-Thurs, sometimes Sunday overnight. 

This semester will be over in a week! yay!! So excited. But then fall semester starts 10 days after that… as excited as I am to get this FINAL semester started and over with, I wish I had a lil more than 10 days break. I secured an internship today finally. Ive been slacking on it and out of the 10 places I emailed last week, ONE responded, so thats who I met with, they liked me, I liked them, and the funny thing is, I didnt realize it till the other day, but they were Ellie’s vet when I first adopted her! Speaking of, she’ll be 8 this month!! Time flies! 

Once school does start full time again, I dunno how much longer or how often I can stay on with ULTA, if it gets to be too much I may drop them down to twice a week. I NEED to pass all these classes this semester and finally finish school!!! 

So maybe between now and the 18th and I can maybe get the house in order. I always want to do that before school starts just to be clear and level headed. Sometimes I accomplish it, or not… 

I ordered the new Google Chromecast device from Amazon, but of course its on back order, I really hope they ship it out soon. Im hoping I like it enough and it works well enough for me to be able to cancel my $100+ monthly cable bill, and just keep my internet. Ill miss my DVR immensely but I think I could survive. 

Well Ellie’s yelling at me to go outside, again, so she can sniff the grass that she sniffed 2 hours ago when I got home…. oh and laundrys done, time for bed! 


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So I got this email yesterday:

Congratulations!  Your excellent academic performance has earned you a place on the Dean’s List for the spring semester 2013.

This distinction is given to students who have earned a grade point average between 3.50 and 3.749 (based on a scale of 4.0), and who have completed 12 or more college-level graded credit hours during the semester.  Your CCD transcript will note this honor designation.

We commend you for this admirable accomplishment and wish you continued success with your educational pursuits.


Neat huh? I had no idea what the criteria were to begin with so it was a nice surprise!


Kitty Updates

Snatch had his dental last week and they removed 1 tooth due to a resorptive lesion

Basically its like a cavity that starts from the inside->out. Its normally only in cats, and theyre still not quite sure what causes them. But he’s all good now. Had a few days of pain meds and antibiotics. He was actually pretty easy to give his meds to surprisingly.

Kisa and Dawgfude went to school for their exams, and were sorta well behaved.. kinda.. LOL… i had concerns about Dawgfude’s teeth and the dr validated those. She basically needs her 2 top canines removed, and she may also have some resorptive lesions herself. That’ll have to be done by our regular vet though because its a little much for them to do at school.

This week i had to take Kisa, Dawgfude and Twitch back to get their urine drawn again. Kisa’s needed to be sent to the lab because we got varied results, Dawgfude they never got any the first time, but we tested hers in school and had some left over to send out, and Twitch’s isn’t completely clear of his UTI but it looks a LOT better. WAAAY less bacteria in it and less blood. We’re not sure if the blood was actually in the urine or happened during the poking. He’s still got a couple days left on his antibiotics and we’ll recheck him next week.

So hopefully dawgfude can hang in for a lil bit longer, because once June comes around i’ll have some $$ to get her teef taken care of.


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Poor Twitchypoo

Last Tuesday I took Twitch and Snatch to school for their wellness exam with the school vet and other students. I was shocked when I was told that they were angels during their exams. Seeing as how they havent been to a vet in 9 years since they were neutered… and they are afraid of anyone who comes to the house…

When I went to pick them up they said everything looked good except they were questioning their urine. Both had traces of  blood in it. So I took them back with me on Friday to Lab and we redid their cystocentesis (Poking them with a needle to get a sterile sample of urine), well tried to with both, Snatch was empty, but we got some out of Twitch, and found the same results. However this time it was a LOT of blood and bacteria. So basically he has a UTI. Who knows how long hes had it, and of course because he’s a cat he shows no outward signs, and I havent seen anything in the litterbox. Since we dont have a pharmacy at school, I ended up having to take Twitch to our regular vet.

Here he is hiding in my coat…



3 outings in 1 week for a cat who never leaves the house! Even though I brought the test results to the vet, they still re-did their own, which I knew they would, and determined the same as we had.





After the vet had done their poking…












I can assume he doesn’t hate me because he keeps coming around for lovings



So now I’m giving him liquid antibiotics, Clavamox 2x a day. Boy is THAT fun! Apparently its banana flavored. Regardless of that, he does NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT. Puts up quite a fight, but then gets over it pretty quickly.

They both had senior blood panels done and those came back good. So Snatch is going  in on wednesday to get a dental done, and will get his urine retested then. Twitch will probably have to wait till the fall semester for his dental.

Kisa and Dawgfude are going in on Tuesday for their wellness exams. Hopefully all is well with them. Im sure Kisa’s urine is fine because i just took her in less than 2 weeks ago.

So we’ll recheck Twitch in 10 days and hopefully he’ll be clear!

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Field trip

Kisa went to school today to donate her urine for lab. Then she helped everyone with their microscopes. She had a LOT to say, as any tortie would!


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