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Productive Tuesday

Last night I made a list of things to do today, and by golly I actually followed through!

First I called and scheduled an appointment for Thursday to get my cracked windshield replaced. $177

Then I went to JCP to drop off my bracelet for repair. I’ve been needing to do it but wanted to wait till after the Xmas/vday rush. While I was there, browsing, I find a ring on clearance that matched my bracelet,
marked down to $60!


The older man helping me took forever to do things, and I totally spaced using the $10 gift card I won took after we completed the transaction..  so I just went downstairs and used it on some underwear instead lol.

After that, I swung by a gym, Fitness 19, to check them out and see their prices… it’s small, close to the house, and cheap-ish. So I signed up, and even got 12 personal training sessions too. Might as well get on it because the cruise is just a few months away! So I’m waiting for the trainer to call and make our first appointment. My boss at ulta goes there, so maybe we can go together!

Once I got home I decided to clean out the car, it was getting bad! So I got all the crap out of it, wiped it all down and armor-all’d the leather. I need to find that stuff to seal holes in the leather.  Damn dogs getting where they shouldn’t be has made some scratches. And I should really stop eating in the car, lots of little crumbs everywhere lol. Oh and Abbie supervised while Ellie rolled in the grass and found who knows what to eat off the ground.


I’ve got a few hours till I have to go to work, so I think I’ll get the vday designs off my nails and paint something pretty on them…

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Put Put Puttin it off…

How much longer can I procrastinate on studying? Well I can write this that’ll take a few minutes!!

Today was my FINAL day at internship woohoo! 180 hours down. I learned quite a bit and had a lot of new experiences at this clinic. I learned that some places still do things the outdated way, or unnecessarily… and I also learned the type of technicians that I DON’T want to work with in the future.  I really liked the Dr’s there, they taught me a lot. The tech’s were OK, one in particular was just very two faced. One way with pet parents and  completely different with me and others. Maybe even bi-polar ish.  Anyways.

I’m trying to get started on my 5 case studies.. that are due on Sunday.  I also have some online tests and what not to complete by then as well.  If I get everything completed, I may treat myself to the new Hunger Games movie on Sunday.  I’ve only got school until the 9th and then I’ll be done! DONE DONE DONE! How exciting is that?! Cross your fingers that I pass all my finals and my classes!

Luckily the 37 hours I spent at the clinic this week weren’t totally wasted, during the slow times I was able to type up all my notes for ONE class.. and then started on a second today.

I was planning on making my 18# turkey this week, but Jamie & Tyler invited me over for thanksgiving and after thinking about it, I decided I’d probably be exhausted and not in the mood to cook all that food for just me and the dogs. While waiting for dinner I dozed off on the couch for a bit LOL! What can I say, I was comfy and had an empty belly full of wine!

I figure I can make my turkey and what not in a couple weeks either when schools done, or for Christmas. I did make the same strawberry cheesecake with chocolate layer that I made last year and it was delish again.

Because I had to go to the clinic today, I didnt do any black Friday shopping, and because I really didnt have any money. However I did stop by PetSmart on the way in because they were giving out stockings with coupons in them. So that was a nice lil treat. I ordered 2 nail polishes from Julep because it only came to $4.99 and free shipping!

My Christmas cards came in the mail this week, so if any one wants one, message me your address. They’re SUPER cute!

My credit union refunded my stolen money and I finally was able to  get a new debit card today. I’ve still gotta send in my letter to the cc companies, but its such a pain to call them and explain the issue to someone who doesn’t understand English and can’t comprehend what I’m attempting to do.

Oh my rash is finally starting to subside, actually it’s almost gone! Now that I’ve gone to a new dr who actually listened and concurred with my ideas, the anti-fungal cream is working, I haven’t been itchy in a week, and my skin is barely even red! I go back in 2 weeks for  a recheck, but I’m already totally satisfied with the results so far.

Alright well I guess that’s enough of an update for now.. till something else exciting happens.

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I just want to buy something!

My birthday month is nearly over so I’ve been using up all the goodies I received. Once I got paid this week I headed to kohls for something to use my free $10 gift they sent.

I figured I wanted some kind of jewelry, something I bought myself that has no memories or attachments to…

I waited and waited while the associate helped an elderly lady buy a watch, didn’t have her charge card, didn’t understand when she asked for an id, kept giving her social security card..etc.. then finally found her temp card. Started taking about how she’s 87 years old, her husband is a ww2 veteran, they’re moving to the springs to be closer to family.. the associate finally gets her to sign for her purchase.
Then, they lady out of nowhere breaks down and starts crying saying she’s afraid to die and she’s so old over and over…
Now I give this associate props for trying to console this woman but this is not the time or place for this!
Another customer who had been waiting was lucky enough to find a manager walking by to help her check out.. so when they were done I snagged him myself. I said I’d really like to make a purchase but this customer over here is having a breakdown and your associate can’t get away!

Anyways! I ended up with this pair of amethyst earrings, normally $100, on sale for 65% off I think, & 15% coupon and My $10 gift, I ended up paying just $23! Such a steal!


I think they look good with the earrings I got there for Xmas..
Now I just need one more set for the last piercing and I’ll be happy.


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Gettin’ Active

A few weeks ago I received a packet in the mail from Old Navy and Crowdtap to pick out some new active wear!

I was stoked to get something new and light weight to wear for summer since most every pair of work out pants I have is black!



So I went with some lightweight running shorts, even though I’m no runner! But I’ve been wearing them out while I take the dogs on long walks. I also got a bright blue bubble top that goes great with it!






I gave the other free set of active wear to one of my managers at work because I know she’s been really good about getting to the gym lately and working out so I knew she could benefit from it!  So this is what she picked out:

PART_1369846883007_PicsArt_1369844456084.jpg PART_1369846883030_100MEDIA_IMAG1199.jpg

So overall we got some good pieces and we’ll be stylin’ this summer while we get our sweat on!


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Wack A Doodle Doooo!!!

Crazy effing night at work! So my manager caught some dude trying to steal a bottle of Eizabeth Arden perfume.. really? So she takes it from him and kicks him out of the store.. about 5 minutes later, she sees him running past our store with a Petsmart cart full of dog food, almost gets hit by a car in the parking lot… so I go outside. and pick up a box of Milk Bones he dropped and I see a petsmart manager coming towards me so I hand it back and say “i think these are yours!”

… about 10 minutes later.. I hear my boss yelling out the door “you gotta lotta balls to come back here!!!” the dude walked past our store, saw her and flipped her off through the window!! so i go back outside and over to petsmart to show them that hes out in the parking lot, he then tries to hide behind a pickup truck, but then takes off running down towards starbucks and to the opposite side of the building.. I call office max and warn them that he may be coming their way as well and to watch out!

I also called Denver PD and reported it, and eventually they showed up but did nothing, because “they have a lot of stabbings and shootings going on tonight”

… while all this is going on, we have a lady who’s been sitting in our store for 4 1/2 hours… walking around, shopping, bothering associates, sitting in the salon.. reading magazines.. around 8:30 she finally gets up and picks up a few things out of clearance.. ends up buying $8 worth of stuff, and the other cashier says OK Well I gotta escort you to the door now cuz we’re closed!!! She was literally in her car for another 15 minutes before she left. WACKADOODLES WERE OUT IN FULL FORCE TONIGHT. Theres no full moon, I checked… So it must be that the asteroids threw something off in our world!


Sleepy Saturday

I can’t believe I have tomorrow (Sunday) off, I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do around here, so hopefully I’ll have the motivation to do it.

My couch only has 1 cushion to sit on.. the kitchen is full of dishes, and a dishwasher with clean dishes.. my coffee table is packed with crapola  and I’ve got 2 loads of laundry that are clean that need to be put away. All in all it’s not a LOT it just SUCKS.  Oh and maybe clean out the inside of the truck..

I knew I wouldn’t be of any use to myself today since I got so very little sleep last night, I took a 2-3 hour nap this afternoon, but I still felt tired afterwards

Been clearancing a lot of stuff at work lately, and one thing was a CHI styling wand normally $120, down to $29 + my discount, so I talked my mom into needing one so she sent me the money to buy it for her. Whether she uses it or not we’ll see lol. I also snagged a few free samples for her and my aunt so I’ve gotta send them off on Monday.

I’ve had some good scores couponing lately. Found some “winter pine” Tidy Cats litter at Target, marked down to $2.08 with a sticky for 2 free fancy feast cans, so I got the last 2 of those, and then a bunch of holiday Glade air fresheners for super cheap, all on clearance+coupons. I walked out of target paying $7  something!

Is it just me or has the ASPCA and Humane Society increased their amount of tv commercials recently? They’re killin me! I know all those puppies and kitties are sad, but I have enough of my own right now!!

My cell phone has been having issues lately with charging. As in I woke up an hour later than I should have the other day because my phone turned off over night, yet was still charging, but only at 17%. I took it to the sprint store, but they couldnt find anything wrong with it other than one of my batteries wasn’t good anymore. Luckily I had another one. Maybe its all THREE of my charging cords? Cuz it charged fine at the mans place with his cord? I’m eligible for upgrade on Feb 1st, so if  I can just hold out a few more weeks.. all will be well. I’m leaning towards the galaxy s3 as my next phone. its the newer model of what i already have and still small enough to fit in my pocket.

Have I mentioned how happy I am they passed the fiscal cliff crap? Cuz now unemployment gets extended throughout the end of the year, phew!! I was REALLY worried about that! I dunno how much longer I have left on this claim but some is better than none!

Hmm.. maybe I’ll get up and go to Pachanga in the AM, i havent been in quite a while, or maybe i’ll sleep in, ya never know!



Sleepless Black Friday

Sorry I’ve been mia lately. But I’m here now so that’s what matters right?

I had to work at 11 pm on Thanksgiving, until 6 am today. It was pretty ridiculous. About 10-15 minutes before we opened at midnight a line started to form and we had about 25 people all at once. Our first hour stayed steady, then it died off the rest of the time. I think we did just under 3 grand in 6 hours. To me, not really worth it. Other stores that were close to malls or shopping centers opened at 8 pm and they did about 12 grand in a few hours.

I was flip flopping on whether or not to go shopping when i got off, so i figured i would since i was full of red bull anyways. I stopped by JCP to check on their boots, but it was packed full of messicans and all their kids. I couldn’t deal with it.

I left there and went to Walmart which was surprisingly empty of customers, found what i wanted, magic mike on DVD for $8!

I made a call to the Coach store to see if they still had ridiculous lines and they said not at all… So i found my self driving about 20 minutes south to the factory outlets.. I really just wanted to try and find a wallet.. But they had a whole wall of clearance items… They were 50% off the already marked down price… Then another 30% off that, and finally if you checked out before 9 am, they gave another 10%!

So i managed a purse, a wallet, and a slim card/id holder, for about $210… Which is LESS than the original cost of the bag itself! I think i saved over $450! Isn’t that insane?!


That’s my new favorite (dangerous) store! And its not that i didn’t love the one he gave me, but its that he got me hooked on it, and I needed more!

After that i stopped by kohls and picked up 2 new pillows, i had a 15% off coupon and a $10 promo. So $12 for 2 extra firm pillows, hopefully they last longer than the cheapy ones i got last year.

Oh i also ordered a couple things online from lane Bryant since it was all 50% off!

Tomorrow I’m making MY turkey and goodies since we went to his moms house on Thursday. I didn’t bother bringing home leftovers then, but all I’ve wanted since is turkey! Lol
We somehow managed to both wear purple to dinner, totally unplanned.


Got a good photo of the guys..


And can’t forget Hercules!


Its 10:15 now and imma try and get some sleep cuz I’ve had like 4 hours since 7 am Thursday.. i think the dogs are happy I’ll be home in my own bed tonight..


So tomorrow I’ll be cooking, cleaning, homework and studying. Oh joy. But hey, at least i don’t have to work!

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Xmas Cards!

Cute xmas cards from Shutterfly!

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I just ordered a new laptop! EEEEEK!

Mine has been tripping lately. Drivers randomly uninstalling, then re-installing.. web cam not working, and last night while I was trying to edit videos it gave me the blue screen of death! EEEEK! Not to mention the battery doesn’t charge with the plug, I have to pull it out and charge it separately.

I’d been looking at deals with my moms work discount but they were meeeeh.

But then I saw an email in my box from Amazon… about laptops… and deals… and I can’t pass up deals..

With certain ones, you’d get a $100 amazon gift card… and the one I chose came with it! Plus it is $200 off its normal price!

So I found this one… 

Toshiba Satellite U845-S402 14.0-Inch Ultrabook (Sky Silver)

Technical Details
Screen Size 14 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1366×768 pixels
Processor 1.5 GHz Core i3-2377M
Hard Drive 500 GB SATA
Graphics Coprocessor Intel HD Graphics
Wireless Type 802.11bgn
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 2
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 1
Average Battery Life (in hours) 7.3 hours
Brand Name Toshiba
Series Satellite
Item model number PSU4RU-011006
Hardware Platform PC
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Item Weight: 3.9 pounds
Item Dimensions L x W x H 9.10 x 0.80 x 13.50 inches
Color Sky Silver
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Count 2
Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
Flash Memory Size 16
Hard Drive Interface Serial ATA
Hard Drive Rotational Speed 5400 RPM
Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)


The only thing it doesn’t have is a cd drive, but those aren’t used that much anymore you know? And I can always just buy an external one no problem.

I went over my invoice and it took $100 off when I purchased it, but also said i was getting the gift card in the mail on Tuesday  I dunno bout all that.. I’d think it’d be one or the other not both, we’ll see. I also got an offer for 1/2 off to renew amazon prime student so I did that as well, yay free 2 day shipping! Should  be here by Wednesday! EEEEEEEEK! So Excited! Shiny new toy to play with!!! I’ve gotta get my external back up drive and move everything over to it to make my life easier when it gets here.



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