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I’m still here!

Sheesh I’ve been MIA lately! Been so busy with school and work!

Last week we had our big OMG math test that we HAD to pass with a 70% or better in order to continue with the pharmacology class. We were all stressing about it. Luckily it was only 20 questions. But that means they were all worth 5 pts. She posted the same day whether we passed or failed, but i didnt check until 2 days later because I didnt feel like driving back down there lol. I passed though! Today we found out our actual grades, i got a 93.5% on it. Meaning, i missed 1 1/2? She’s not passing them back though so we dont know what we messed up, which sucks.

The man came down with horrible germs on Friday.. I thought I was in the clear until my throat started feeling funny Sunday afternoon… Monday morning I could tell i’d contracted them… grrr! I went to my internship with the bebeeee squirrels, but I only stayed until Noon because I could feel my body getting worse. The hour long drive home was treacherous! Once I got back around 1, I laid in bed until 5 shivering uncontrollably. I had to get a heating pad out to lay on to control my temperature. Insane. Today, it feels like there’s a porcupine in my throat. I found some Cepacol extra super duper throat numbing drops.. and they’ve helped a bit. Hoping tomorrow I feel better.

I managed to get to school today to take 2 quizzes, and then go home early. No reason to sit there and feel miserable and risk infecting other people ya know?

Oh at internship I fed some more baby squirrels, and gave the mange-y foxes their breakfasts. They were looking a lot better. Actually aware that I was there and looking at me. They had like 10 baby raccoon’s, but they are so little, only staff can handle them, they make purring sounds like cats though! so adorable! Sucks that I had to leave early but according to the other girls I didnt miss much.

Cruise is getting closer and closer. Today, my friends said I could stay in their hotels before/after the cruise! That saves me so much money and headache! I’ll be the 5th person, and probably end up sleeping in a chair or on the floor, but its okay because i’m broke!  LOL maybe they offer roll-aways… we’ll see when we get there!

I received a $200 gift card to “Simon Malls” from a page on Facebook! Colorado Chevy Girls! Just for liking their page, how awesome is that! I may use some of it to pick up a new fancy dress for the cruise.

We’ve lost some employees at work lately, and I told them I could pick up a night or two a week if they needed me too.

I also found out that I have to pay for my summer classes OUT OF POCKET. wtf is that shit and why wasn’t i told earlier?! UGGGH had i known, I would have saved more $$ from my loans. I’ve only signed up for 1 class so far, and my portion due is $435!!! I have 2 other classes I HAVE to take this summer too. Luckily, 1. they have payment plans, and 2. my mom said she would help. (light bulb, tell grandma about predicament, she likes to help)

ow, i think i just coughed up a kidney.

So i still need to go take the placement tests for biology & english, even though I’ve already taken and passed the classes that those are prerequisites for… \= THEN i can register for them. I also need to make an appt to go talk to an advisor downtown, to see if its better/cheaper to take them online or in person. Once i’m feeling better Ill try to go do it all in one day to save $$ on parking and what not.

Last week I unfucked a lot of the bedroom. I rearranged a few things, bought a new curtain, and made some space. There’s still stuff left that needs to be put away but when I feel better, I’ll get to it. I also bought some new bathroom accessories, (black and silver zebra pattern) toothbrush holder, cup, and soap dispenser from Bed Bath & Beyond they were on clearance and I had a 20% off coupon!

The kitchen is a disaster right now as well as clean laundry on the kitchen table. I just dont have the energy/ability to do anything without coughing up a lung lobe.

Has anyone else started watching The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt? It’s really good! I’m watching the 2nd episode now. Its funny, that she has the same duvet cover/pillow cases in her bedroom on the show that I do! I got’em from IKEA!

Maybe I can go get some more of my drug notebook done while i’m feeling ok right now before another fever comes back…

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Busy busy weekend

I kept getting online to come make a post, but ended up getting distracted, so here I am finally lets see what I come up with!

I’m either sick again, or still sick. Which sucks both ways. This round its more of a head congestion, and just a little bit of a cough.

Friday I didn’t have to work at the butt crack of dawn, so I slept in, lounged around, and didnt do much. That night I finally taught my first Pachanga class!! All by myself!! It was just 7 people, but still, gotta start somewhere! I was covering for my friend Kristi since she was out of town. It worked out well.

Saturday I had to work at 5am because our shipment came then instead of Friday, so THAT kinda sucked. But then I took the truck to get the thermostat replaced in it, it was NOT warming up inside at all anymore and with all the snow and what not lately, its really nice to have heat again! They also worked on the door/light issue and for now its holding up!

While the car was getting worked on Ellie and Abbie ran around like crazy and wore themselves out. For some reason Ellie loves to roll in the snow, weirdo.

Saturday night I went to a 2 hour Pachanga party/class it was fun, but packed! I got up and lead during 2 songs so that was fun.

I had to work AGAIN this am at 7 rawr for a new ad-set, such a pain, mostly because our DM was there and no one likes her, and i may have told her off a lil bit… but everyone else appreciated it and she seemed to be a lil bit nicer after that…*shrugs*

We have a new OPI nail polish collection out thats for the Muppets Movie, theyre soooo cute and have the best names! I ended up buying the “meep-meep-meep” one, its a sparkly pinkish red. Can’t wait to put it on my toes!


In other good news the Broncos beat the Raiders!!!!!! Awesomeness!!! They really came back after halftime and whooped some ass! Even better cuz they were playing in Oakland.

I stopped by walmart tonight to pick up a plastic container to hold the dog food in instead of the bags it comes in… and ended up with that, a humidifier, a new pencil pouch cuz mine is falling apart, and an index card holder. I coulda gotten outta there under $10, but noooo I had to spend $35…still, not too bad though. good price on the humidifier, i needed one bad.

There’s only 8 school days left on until Thanksgiving break!!! eeek!!! That just means I have LOTS of studying to do because after that break, its finals!

Did i mention we raised $170 from our bake sale? Awesomesauce! We’re using that to go to a wild life sanctuary in 2 weeks. SO EXCITED.

My 2nd NKOTB Cruise payment is due at the end of the month, and I have $225 saved up so far, so with my next 2 checks I should be good to go.

Well my non-drowsy medicine is making me very sleepy, so I think its time to set up the humidifier and get my butt to bed.

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My cough returned today. Hoping its just from the freezing cold air and not more/new germs.

But I got these to help me thru the night!


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Sniffles and Snuggles

I’ve been sick since thurs thanks to the man.. at least I’ve had some furry friends to nap with.

Abbie is adjusting well, trying to get her over her posessiveness of me already with Ellie. She’s gotta learn to share!

Although she did jump out the car window crossing 3 lanes of oncoming traffic…(safely somehow) all for a squirrel. Scared the crap outta ME!

She’s still unsure of the cats, not a lot of interest in them but not sure what they do either.


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I’m still alive

Somehow managed to make it through the night, once I finally fell asleep i stayed that way till about 6am…. this morning was a little iffy…but its 3:35 now and I’m feeling a lot better. I managed to eat a strawberry/banana smoothie for breakfast… and just had a turkey sandwich a few mins ago, so far so good…

Jess wants to go to mexican food for dinner tonight.. hopefully it’s not too soon.. I know i won’t be able to make it to Zumba tonight, i’m just too weak for that… i’ve lost a few lbs anyways being sick so it evens out…

Finally managed to register for my classes last night so its official.. just gotta wait for all the financial aid to be figured out, i think there’s more than enough, maybe even a refund to be had…*crossing fingers*

Well at least i made it through age 28… however I’m not looking forward to what’s after 29 lol.. when my mom called this am to say happy bday she said “and just think, next year you’ll be 30!!!! hahaha you’re getting old!” I shoulda said, well what does that make you! but i was half asleep when she called so my rebuttal skills weren’t up to par.

Not too long after I woke up today I got a phone call, from a vet clinic I applied to a while ago… she asked me a few questions over the phone, and said that they’re looking for someone who’s a student, to work part time as receptionist/help whatever….so i’m going in on Tuesday for an interview!!!! Best Birthday Present so far!!!! I told them up front what my schedule would be like and she said that was fine, so it would be awesome if i got this position! Plus I took Chester, my boy rabbit there a loooong time ago when he was ill after I first got him, so I know the place.

I should throw some stuff in the washer…being sick really puts a damper on things… and shit gets messy…literally….


Please pay your respects

I’ve been literally running the 10 feet from my bed to the bathroom for the last 24 hours…

Seems I have come down with Salmonella Poisoning…and finally know how, from Josh’s bbq Sunday. I know because Wendy felt the same way yesterday… She said she only dealt with it for 16 hours…

Luckily I haven’t thrown up, been nauseous…but everythings comin out the other end… Not sure how seeing as I haven’t been able to eat anything.

Ever see that episode of Scrubs where JD passes out after everytime he takes a poo? That’s how I feel.. I get all dizzy and lightheaded… Around 4 am I went to get some water…and had to sit down on the kitchen floor before I fell over.

I somehow managed to drag myself to walgreens for some gatorade, chicken soup, and medicine…but nothings really helped….my back was/is hurting I think it was mainly my kidneys, but the gatorade has helped, as well as a hot bath and heating pad…

How’s it make any sense its 85 degrees out, I’ve got a heating pad on my back and bag of ice on my head????

I just hope its gone by tomorrow….seeing as its my bday and all….

If you don’t hear from me…I’m prolly passed out in the bathroom with a head injury…

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I’m Alive!!

Day 4 of sickness, i’m starting to feel better!

I slept all night too! I left my humidifier on for a few hours last night and used the neti pot before bed i think it all helped. The mucinex is breaking shit up and i’ve been coughing it out, its hot i tell ya! Lol

Decided to get up and go out in to the world and spread my germs so I headed to Macy’s to pick up some new foundation, and then to Old Navy since they sent out a $5 off $25 coupon. I got these 2 cute embellished tanks:

Old Navy Embellished Tank Tops

and also some new work out clothes:

Old Navy Workout Clothes





I also got a grey sweater with a hood, but its too hard to photograph, but its cute trust me LOL.

Stopped by Midas to get an oil change….

Are you sure?


But contrary to what their sign says…….. there was a 2 hour wait.




So i went down the street to Jiffy Lube instead. Even though they’re more expensive, they had absolutely NO wait whatsoever.

Ellie Supervised the Oil Change


Ellie Supervised the Oil Change

She behaved herself very well while we waited and even let other patrons pet her.. i think at first she may have thought we were at the Vets cuz she was a lil skiddish LOL.


I’m hoping i’ll make it through the day and be able to attend Bingo tonight at TGIFridays i feel like i havent been there in forever! LOL

Oh yeah I stopped by Jamba Juice too and had trouble making a decision and i told the guy “whatever will make my throat feel better” so he suggested this:

Jamba's Cold Buster

With tons of vitamin C. Even though i couldn’t taste every part of it, it was good.

However now I’m craving chick-fil-a for some reason, weird cuz i never go there, but i might just head back out.. even though I have plenty of food here.. it just sounds so good.



wtf Wp?

So i made this post yesterday 2 days ago and it seemed to have disappeared, i know i made it, cuz i copy and pasted it to LJ..

Guess who’s sick again?

Really though??? twice in a month’s time span?! you’re killing me!

It has to be from the airport(s) i assume. I woke up this morning to a red swollen painful throat, headache from hell and an obvious fever. So I stayed home and was smart and kept my germs to myself.

Hoping I feel better tomorrow dont wanna use all my sick time. I slept until 1pm today and then laid on the couch.   Very exciting.

The grumblings from my stomach are scaring me, but i’ve officially evacuated any food that was left over from Vegas LOL.

Tomorrow’s payday, yay. Rent and what not is due.. i think ive narrowed down my miami hotels to 2 or 3.. most of them require upfront payment so maybe ill get that done this week.

I bought 2 movie tix from fandango today on living social for $9. great deal!

Think i’ll try to go lay down now and see if i can fall asleep soon *crosses fingers*


So yes, i’m sick this is day 3 that i’ve stayed home because I feel like utter death. I called my dr’s office, they said dont bother coming in, sounds like the virus thats going around… they always say that. But its nice to not have to waste the $30 on a co-pay I guess. But I did have to go to the office and pick up a dr’s note to take to work. So after that i went and bought some mucinex, rolos, and chicken nuggets. Really hard to tell if i’m feeling any better yet though.


Thursday Bullets

It’s a bulletpoint kinda day

  • Lots of snow. Booooo – still freezing here
  • Went to work finally
  • Still sick though but seems to be getting better
  • Payday YAY
  • Finally found and bought a cute giraffe print purse!
  • Ellie got lots of treats at PetSmart tonight. She wouldn’t leave the register till the Cashier gave her a cookie.
  • Bought my return tix from Vegas tonight. Yay for Southwest!
  • Was going to see Sean tonight but we’re both sick.
  • Told him i’d clean the house tonight (havent done it yet) so he could come over tomorrow, and we could sleep in on Saturday. Hopefully SharkWeek as CrankyPants calls it will be over by then. LOL
  • I should really clean the house………………
  • My lips are hella chapped from not being able to breathe out my nose
  • Need to purchase a humidifier soon.
  • Ellie has been very needy lately, maybe because I’m sick.
  • Hope this cold goes away so i can go back to the gym.
    I havent been to Zumba all week long )=
  • Sean asked me tonight why we’re still in hiding… \=
  • I said because I don’t want to hear the shit talking from Josh
  • He said he wouldn’t mind if people knew. (everyone really knows BUT Josh)
  • That makes me feel bad though.
  • I should at least get up and do something before bed… Tata!
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Freezin outside Burnin up in my head

I’ve gone sooo long w/o being really sick… and now i’m down and out with a cold of doom.

Started Sunday night I fell asleep on the couch and woke up with a sore throat which i figured was from having the heat up too high and maybe snoring? LoL.. Monday didnt fare any better. Runny nose… stuffy head… all over yuckyness… i made it through work luckily..  and because i’m a trooper unlike other employees who go home asap when they dont feel good.

Last night went to bed around 9:45 but woke up around 3 am with a pounding headache, unable to breathe through my nose. Took some motrin and fired up the heating pad… i think i burned the fever outta me when i got back up this morning to let Ellie out the fever had subsided.

All city agencies were on a 2 hour delay to start but there was just no way i was gonna be able to go in and function today. With the -11 degree high today.. theres no point in taking my sickness out of my apt.

Think i’ll go make some soup and continue watching the Law & Order SVU marathon that’ on..

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