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Oh, well hey!

Look at that, my loudtwitter finally started working, slow bastard!

Man a half hour is just not a long enough lunch for me to eat and surf the 'net at everything I wanna look at. I miss hour lunches. I wish EVERYONE would just show up to work every day so we could enjoy 60 minutes of bliss.

But noooooooooooooooo. That happens MAYBE, maybe, once a week. We get off a half hour earlier, but I really don't care about that as much, traffic still sucks at either 430 or 5 so big woop right. grr.

Went out to stampede last night with Chan, Chase, Justin, Jen and her cousin, it was good times. Not horribly packed as usual since it was POURING outside and it even flooded in parts of town. It was a nice change from the 24 days of record heat over 90 degrees we had.

My tummy however was not too keen on all the rum from last night and hasn't been very happy with me today. Hopefully it's calmed down now since I've eaten lunch.

The bossman isn't here today so it's pretty chill in the office, and Emelina left early as well. So hopefully no crazy drama goes on in the meantime.

Our fed-ex guy told us this morning that he will no longer be on our route, because they're changing the better drivers to harder busier routes )=   We're gonna get him a Goodbye Card we love him )= so sad.

Ummm Is it just me or does iStockPhoto not work with inserting images anymore? I Search and nothing even comes up, what gives????



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Woooo Day’s almost over

I didn't get to "work" till about 1pm today because I had How to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying training this morning. Only good thing is I got to sleep in till 7:30, the normal time I have to leave my house because the class didn't start till 8:30 and since I live right next to the freeway, its only about a 15 minute drive to get downtown w00t. The class actually wasn't that bad. I managed to stay awake THE WHOLE TIME and it was engaging as well.

I've come to realize, I can be a bully Ü  but I already knew that hehehe.

Last night at Stampede was super fun. Just Jen and I went. So it was drama free.
Funny thing is this guy I've been talking to.. The Realtor we'll call him, has been buggin me to hang out, so I finally said fine, we'll be at the 'pede on Wednesday if you feel like going… well hell, he showed up before we even got there before I'd even left my house!

Apparently he thought it was more like a date though, which was fine. He's super nice and cute.. and well I didn't expect much to come from it, but after he started makin out with me in the parking lot.. I thought what the hell, I've got time… so yeah, that was a fun night Ü lets just saying..sitting.. is a little painful today.. right.. ouch… yeah.. hehee

I think I'll run by the library tonight after work and use their puter for a few things, and then over to Old Navy to either return or exchange a pair of shorts that just look funny on me.. maybe I'll have enough energy after that to clean the mess of my house, or ill just head to bed early.. not sure yet… I'm only running on like 5 hours of sleep.

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Yaay Thursdsay

One day closer to PayDay! w00t

So yesterday after work went and got my shot done, it didn't hurt AT ALL during any part, she said the local would burn, it didn't. said it would feel like getting a tattoo (which I love) but it didn't. She said I had really tough skin and i could kinda feel her pushing around and diggin to get in the right spot and finally felt when she slid it into position.

Crazy feeling! Said i have to wear the bandage for 24 hours.. I'll probably take it off soon, because every one and their brother has been asking me "OMG WHAT HAPPENED?!"… I joked with the dr. how was i Supposed to go to the bar last night with a bandage on my arm!? I'd have to make up a story like, I got shot! or stabbed.. something exciting! She was also amazed that I was going out on a wednesday night and wanted all the details on how ladies night worked! Told her just cuz she's married doesn't mean she can't come out and have fun!!

So Josh came over to hang out before Stampede, I made us a yummy dinner of chicken, pasta, and mashed tato's MmmMmm we were full and happy campers.

Didn't take many pictures last night, it was actually pretty dead there. I assume either ppl are finishing up classes or have already taken off for summer vacation. Who knows. I almost ended up hitting one of the new bouncers for being a dick head and Chan actually had to get between him and I before i decked him. I talked to one of the other bouncers we know and told him to put that guy in check otherwise there's gonna be issues next time he speaks to me the way he did.

Wish you could see my shirt here its really cute I got it at Old Navy for 8 bucks. and its sparkly too.

I realized last night while getting ready that my hair really IS getting longer 


I'm so happy. Compared to pictures from like a long time ago let me find one here.. don't mind the orange-y-ness of the pictures. Bad lighting + camera phone from 2 years ago.

So I went to NG1's house last night, haven't seen him in a couple weeks, fun times. I forgot how super comfy his bed was. I wasn't gonna stay the whole night, but once I got comfy, I said screw it and fell asleep. Woke up around 5:30 and tried to hide from the bright sunrise.. and eventually went home. I'm surprisingly not tired, probably because I didn't have Ellie and the cats waking me up throughout the night. Heh.

Not sure what I'm up to tonight if anything at all. Can't do laundry since I'm outta quarters.. maybe I'll clean up the kitchen and the bathroom a bit.. orrrr maybe I'll just take a nap, who knows!

Tanja and I are going to the Flea Market Saturday morning to look for crap that I need. That'll be fun.

K well I guess I'm outta crap to talk about.. sooooo see ya around (=


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Wow it’s Wednesday!

This week IS going by fast again. Makes me a happy camper!

Bossman is in today, and he said it was a-ok for me to work through lunch and leave early for my appt. Yay for that!

Everyone's in a meeting right now, so I have about an hour to slack off. Even though I don't have much to do right now. All my work is caught up, and I don't really have much to do meandering around on the internet…maybe Ill check out ulta and look for some makeup…  I'm thinking of getting some of the "mineral" kind of makeup for the summer time. Since I have a feeling this water based one is just going to melt off… But I'm also gonna compare with Tanya's Avon Shop and see what her prices are . . . . aaaaaaaaaand she wins hers is way cheaper for the makeup itself.. but the brushes are crap from what people say, so Ill go to ULTA for those, and my new blow dryer and some other crap.

Ahhh their meetings almost done and i havent finished slacking yet! Argh!

Think we're going to stampede tonight.. Hopefully I stay in a good mood till then and no one gets on my nerves. heh.

So glad Emelina made me a sammich for lunch today since I'll be eating it at my desk! Pooey.. I just ate some goldfishes for a snack tho and they were deeelicious!

So does anyone else get paranoid when wearing white pants? Like all you can think of is explosive diarrhea or for no reason whatsoever starting your period. I'm freakin out here. LoL I've had these pants for a few months, they're old navy, but i bought them at good will.. and they amazingly, kinda fit today but Im just worried. Or i'm going to sit on a chair with melted chocolate and look like i crapped myself.. ahh well… hopefully nothing bad happens!

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As always

Pictures from Last night















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Another good one

So I went out last night with the gang to Stampede, my intentions were to not stay long anyways because I wanted to see New Guy1. He texted me while I was at the bar, said he was getting into bed and was thinking of me, so I knew that was my sign to head out!

I have a feeling that I like him more than I should or want to allow myself to. He's very sweet and nice, not what I'm used to in the least.

He complimented me upon seeing me come through the door, and the rest was history. We laid in bed talking for a while, he asked me what it is I exactly do at work, and listened and put in his 2 cents..We talked about the neighborhood he lived in, he asked if Ellie was doing better, and our trips to the dog park.

It was such a nice night out that we left the windows open and the breeze coming in was sooo nice, sleeping in his comfy bed, cuddled in his arms, I was out. I woke up before my alarm went off and just laid there staring out the window not a care in the world… Awesome way to start my day.

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My poor Ellie, her foot was still bothering her this morning, but she seemed to be putting a little more weight on it though so that's good.

I carried her down the stairs last night since it's kinda hard to hop down on only one front leg.. and she slept on the bed all night, only getting up once or twice to attempt to chase the cats and then realize she was still hurt.

I tried to get her to sleep with the heating pad on her foot.. it may or may not have worked for a little while, I know I woke up at one point during the night and Kisa was snoozing away on it instead.. she loves that heating pad.

She was in pain though and she kept snapping / snarling at me if I came near her foot, which is understandable, she can't exactly tell me what's wrong… she ignored me for like, an hour last night, and then came over to me and wagged her tail and let me pet her so I knew she wasn't too mad at me anymore. It just breaks my heart!!!

Oh yeah, it's Wednesday! That means Stampede tonight!  I'm more excited about seeing and hanging out with my 

friends than drinking though.. weird, right? I know… I'm not sure what that's all about.. we'll see if that changes later on  today LoL… NG1 asked if I was going out tonight, and when I said yes, he said oh.. I would have invited you over… AHHH! Well I may just leave my friends early tonight, and go stay over at his house, that is if he's still awake.. I know he's off tomorrow and he's probably going to bed early tonight so I don't know if it'll happen, we'll just have to wait and see.

BTW I got a text from him this morning…

Good morning, I hope it's going well, kisses

Simple, sweet, and cute, what more could I ask for.

Ron took me out for ice cream last night, since he blew me off the night before! There's this store next to his house called Not Just Yogurt… soooooo yummy. I had a waffle cone with swirled grasshopper/chocolate brownie fro-yo. So delicious. I think that's our new spot to go.  He was like, Well I figured since I didn't go last night, I'd take my fave white girl out for some ice cream, aren't I a good non-boyfriend? I said yeah, and I didn't even have to sleep with you!    LoL… good times.

Alrighty, well I've gotta go kick ass on my work today, bossman asked me to do extra so I can't flit around on here all day! Well, for now at least hehehe… Happy Wednesday all!

update… my roommate says Ellie is hanging outside, laying on her bed, just chilling, no running, chasing, barking or anything strenuous. so hopefully whatever her foot problem is will remedy itself in another day or so.

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Last night…

Jen and I went out to Stampede as usual.. it was an odd crowd this time though, like, a bunch of weird people were there. I dunno. We love to people watch though and then snicker to ourselves about them, we're horrible I know, but we're girls, what do you expect!
We met up with these two girls, old friends of hers that she hasn't seen in years, they were pretty cool, and wild LoL

Stampede Feb 27 2008 027Stampede Feb 27 2008 026Stampede Feb 27 2008 025Stampede Feb 27 2008 024Stampede Feb 27 2008 023Stampede Feb 27 2008 021Stampede Feb 27 2008 020Stampede Feb 27 2008 019Stampede Feb 27 2008 017Stampede Feb 27 2008 014

Stampede Feb 27 2008 012Stampede Feb 27 2008 011Stampede Feb 27 2008 010Stampede Feb 27 2008 009Stampede Feb 27 2008 008Stampede Feb 27 2008 006Stampede Feb 27 2008 005

Stampede Feb 27 2008 003Stampede Feb 27 2008 004Stampede Feb 27 2008 001

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Still not good enough

So I hung out with this guy last night, he was very boring, not interesting, there was no conversation and it the sex was just blah. He was about 2 years younger than me too, maybe that's the problem. I dunno.

I want someone who gives off that manly, protector vibe. Someone taller than me, stronger and bigger than me.  Someone who somehow already knows what I want and how I like things. I don't want to be a teacher. Just do it.

Someone that'll whoop anyone who comes near me if need be. I'm not that tall, only 5'5".. so finding a guy taller than that shouldn't be a problem, but it seems to be lately. Argh. Or I find someone who has like, 90% of the qualities I'm looking for, but that other 10% is the most important part…

I went home, and got KFC on the way there. Kinda lame night right? I thought so.

I had an awesome dream about Marc last night though. That he was out, and he was staying with some people, and I went over and hung out with him, actually I picked him up somewhere first and then we went to the house and hung out and did all that we do so well. It was so weird because the same thing happened in the dream that happened in real life many times, in that I would wake up and he wouldn't be next to me, but would have fallen asleep in another room probably messing with the computer or watching tv, and I went and woke him up, and he came back to bed. It was so nice, and felt so comforting, I wish I hadn't woken up from that dream. I wish it was reality.

I think tonight, Jen and I are going to Stampede since I'm finally feeling better, YAY! I took my last antibiotic today and I'm feeling sooooo much better. I'm almost tempted to write the Dr. a Thank you note for actually listening to me.

Well I better go get some work done before Mr. Bossman gets back from lunch… and then it'll be my turn to eat I'm starving!

Oh yeah, and I'm wearing a skirt today! It's so nice out, even though I'm stuck inside, I've gotten a few compliments on it already. I think I may wear this outfit out tonight (=

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Got’em all

Pictures from our Wednesday night.

They are hilarious, if  only you were there you'd understand


Sara Brent ChanSara & Kacey 2Sara & kaceyGroupGirls














Where'd the Alcohol Go??



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