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Shiny New Toy!

Got my xmas present today….
42″ Vizio LCD
From Walmart, $474
Ordered online, picked up in store 3 hours later..
Also used and will be getting $35 back (=


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I can’t think of a title

This show Awkward on MTV is pretty cute. I don’t like most of their shows these days, but this one has sucked me in, and of course the train wreck that is Teen Mom.

I’ve caught up on all the new shows that have started and were on my DVR, last nights SNL with Alec Baldwin was good, but nothing will ever compare to the Schweddy Balls skit  and the one with Adam Sandler where he’s the troop leader.

I’m extremely sore today I went to pachanga yesterday and this morning I’m not sure why i’m so sore, but thats the only reason for it. Looks like i’ll hopefully start teaching Friday nights at 6pm in October.

School has been kicking my butt lately and not in the good way. I’m still finding it hard to keep track of when things are due etc. We got our a&p chemistry type test back last week and apparently EVERYONE did shitty on it. so no one feels that bad about it. now he’s sent us some more chem/math homework online and i still don’t fucking get it. seriously, lets move on, no one likes this shit.

Ellie’s feeling better since her Vet visit last week. Thankfully her meds kicked in fast and she was back to pooping normally in about 24 hours lol. I on the other hand had to go to the school health center downtown on Friday because i swore i was getting a UTI. It wasn’t to the painful stage yet, but just that omg i have to pee every 5 minutes stage. Which is just as annoying. Once i was there they said it wasn’t a UTI but there were white and red blood cells in my sample, so i may have just gotten in before it got all out of hand. It was only a $35 visit w00t, and $4 for the antibiotics. Not too shabby for not having any insurance!

It looks like my food stamps are not gonna be renewed though which sucks. I think its because now i’m getting unemployment and that should essentially be enough to feed me. That really sucks, have to amp up my couponing!

I finally got a lot of productive things done this weekend. Yesterday I cleaned the bunnies, cleaned off the coffee table, and vacuumed the whole living room. Also threw some laundry in. Today, I defrosted the freezer (again, i really need to call the mgmt), did some dishes, rearranged a cabinet that holds excess pots and pans because i’m still seeing occasional bugs. GRRRRR. I need to do another bug bomb, but in the mean time i’ve been spraying every crack and crevice like crazy.

Just dawned on me that I havent eaten dinner tonight, and its nearly 9pm now. I better eat something otherwise i’ll be starving in the morning. I don’t have to be to class till 10 am and its a lab, so I need to do some studying tonight.

OH so last week, I took Kisa to school with me for a handling/restraint lab. Long story short, she had a total fucking melt down as soon as we started trying to handle her. She was pissed about the other cats there, she was pissed about the pug who sat behind me who wanted attention, and then she was pissed when the teacher used her as an example. She about ripped my face off, for reals. She ended up going back in her bag until we were done with class. She was still pissed later that night at home lol. The next morning though she was asleep next to me, so i assume she’s forgiven me.

Well i better go find something to eat, and then get to studying, here’s some pics from the last week (=

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My Friday Night

Ellie and Dawgfude are watching @BlueBloods_CBS with me while we listen to @DonnieWahlberg ‘s back rub.

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Random Sunday

I wish the dog would have let me sleep in longer today so I could get the full effect of the time change.. I got up around 930 which was really 1030 but i’d like to have slept longer. Oh well. We got up and walked to the corner gas station and got a newspaper for my coupons, and a cherry pepsi for the caffeine.

Bingo was decent last night, was just me Josh and Tasha. Josh won 1 game so that was nice. I was starving so I got a bbq chicken wrap.. their whole menu has changed only a few tried and true items are still there that I KNOW i’ll like.. it was a hard decision!

I’ve got more laundry to finish up today I’d like to get it all done so I dont have to worry about it this week.. oh its a 4 day week! yay veterans day!

Yesterday I watched all 3 Back to the Futures in a row.. and Pretty in Pink was on as well. Today, 16 candles is on. What a great movie weekend!!! I also got my netflix friday, so I have the rest of Hung to watch, and the last season of the Tudors to start. SO Excited for the Tudors! But I know once I start watching them ill be useless so I need to do productive things first.

I also re-upped my 24hour gym membership, I should go today. I need to get cruise ready. 6 months left! I need to FOCUS focus focus!!!! My piggy bank is slowly filling up, I’ve added any change i’ve had in my pockets to it all week, and even 2 dollars if I remember correctly.. once it gets heavy, i’ll take it to the bank and coinstar it.

I was aloof all day yesterday to Springs.. so last night around 8 he starts texting me… aloof always works.. ALWAYS. It’s nice when someone else makes the effort for contact, not always one sided – really makes it seem like its worth it.

Tomorrow morning Ryan Seacrest is gonna have the NKOTBSB guys on to announce the tour dates. It’ll be at 7am my time.. so i’ve gotta get up early and log on to the ‘puter. Hopefully they mention it right away cuz I have to leave the house by 7:30.

The bunnies annoyingness right now reminds me I need to clean out their cage today and re-vacuum the living room. Yesterday am Ellie threw up liquid 3 times, today Kisa did it twice. Wtf? OH I should go buy some stain remover as well… looks like i’ll be going to Target soon.. Glad my makeup still looks good from last night ha!!

BTW for LeendaDll the Falsies mascara isn’t too bad.. i was kinda iffy about it the first few days but now that I’ve gotten used to it I like it..of course it doesnt look like the commercials because they use actual false lashes to “create volume”. And my wand wasn’t purple either… LOL here’s a good post about it as well . It DOES give length, but not a lot of OOMPH..i’ve been doing 1 1/2 to 2 coats and its enough for me…

Ok thats enough randomness for now I’m gonna go through my coupons and then get movin on stuff!



No witty title tonight

Currently watching the Boston/Miami game hoping to catch a glimpse of the Brothers Wahlberg… I know both Donnie and Mark are there in their usual seats.. but the cameras are behind them so all I can see is the back of their heads.. now I appreciate any part of Donnie, but I’d love to see his smiling face rather than the back of his head.

He's Gorgeous Right?

All of the fans have been waiting for his 25,000th tweet today.. and have made #whilewaitingforDonnie a trending topic.. ohhh the power of the BlockHead Nation..

It’s only Tuesday huh? How much does that suck… these days/weeks have been going by so slowly… it’s a payday this week even though I wont really “get” any of my check seeing as how I have to pay rent, AND a cruise payment, combined I don’t have enough.. will need a loan from the Credit Union.. and possibly the bank of MOM.

I really need a 2nd job and I wish Macy’s would open up some interview times already. I need the extra money so I can unfreeze my 24hour Gym membership and get my ass back there to get Cruise Ready. Only 6 months left!!!!  So I need $$ to be Cruise Ready and a slammin new figure to be Cruise Ready.

Southwest is having some really good deals on tickets right now and they’re finally booking through May, however I can’t purchase anything yet!

Speaking of jobs, I’ve applied for some positions that are outside “The City” seeing how I’m not getting ANYWHERE with them… we’ll see if anything comes of it. An interview would at least be nice.

It’s very chilly here and i wish the HOA would turn the heat on already. It’s saving me money electricity bill wise and all..but still!! Its not quite cold enough to use the fireplace yet.. So blankets and layers it is.

Soon as the game’s over Ill be watching my DWTS results show.. i wonder who it’ll be tonight, Last night I phoned in my votes for Jennifer Grey, Audrina Patridge, and Bristol Palin. They all did really well but the judges were a little rough on JGrey…

I think some cookie’s n cream is callin my name from the freezer…

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What a waste

Why is Christopher Meloni from Law & Order SVU so damn hot? I dunno what it is about him.. maybe cuz he plays such a strong male character. Not like when he was the Pediatrician on Scrubs, that was way different… *shrugs*

The “meeting” this morning seemed kinda pointless, I sat there for 20 minutes talking about myself and defending myself.. and no one else said anything. Not ONE stinkin word. I thought the point of a meeting was to have a “discussion”. I must have been wrong. I dont see the point in making me drive downtown in 8am traffic when this could have been handled via a conference call, email, or written statement. Whatevs. They have 15 days to make a decision and let me know what it is.

I should really get my laundry done tonight… really. Sick of wrinkly clothes. For reals. I’d really like have my whole bed available for my maximum sleepage rather than a corner being used up with laundry.

First I’m going to have some Cookies’nCream ice cream though…


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Tuesday Mash Up

Just caught up on last nights DWTS and Jennifer Grey’s routine was my favorite! She’s doing so well every week!!

Results are tonight, not sure who’s gonna be going home though.. maybe Florence Henderson.. hard to say… The Situation’s not that great. I’m getting frustrated with Bristol Palin when she keeps saying “im not sexy, i’m a 19 yr old mom!” well girl, you obv. were sexy at one point because Levi BOINKED you more than likely on more than one occasion.. you were sexy enough to get knocked up.. i know that you’re now an “activist” but c’mon!! I’m sure your mom has pushed some self-esteem issues on you so buck up and be a woman already!!!

The season finale of Teen Mom is on tonight.. i dunno why i watch it, i dont like kids, or teens LoL.. but i guess it makes me feel better about my decisions and common sense when I was that age and currently (at least in the being safe dept!)

It’s tuesday right? let’s do an L & L


  • Dishes I need to get off the coffee table and into the dishwasher
  • People complaining about being single, seriously, it’s so awesome try it!
  • I had to pull the fuse for the interior lights in my car, havent gone to tyler’s to have him fix it yet… at least my battery’s not dead though.
  • We got busy at the end of work today
  • There are still boxes that need to be unpacked in  my living room, and random laundry in the bedroom on the floor.
  • 2 more days till payday
  • Jess didnt have the baby on the day I chose!



  • Tom Selleck doing voice over on Florida Orange Juice Commercial
  • 2 more days till payday! I’ve got lots of coupons ready!
  • Got 12 hours of sleep last night
  • Woke up to a rainy day
  • I have a cantaloupe in the fridge, I need to cut it up before it goes bad.
  • Mom said she sent me a box today with 4 blankets, a new purse, and a pair of corduroy pants that she didnt like.. we’ll see if they fit! oh and coupons of course LoL
  • I told her about the work stuff thats been going on just to give her a heads up
  • 3 day weekend this week!!! It’s a furlough day but still a friday off!!! sleeping in!!
  • I got these tiny manila envelopes.. I wrote on the front of them “Cruise” “Nails” “pet food”. I plan to stash CASH in them when I get paid this week, and not touch it until i NEED to. Since my savings account is linked to checking, it just doesn’t work out as far as saving goes.
  • Regular and Pink Kool-Aid-Lemonade

mmmmkay thats enough for now i’m sucked into watching teen mom! LOL


Slouchy Saturday

It’s been a full Saturday already.

Woke up around 8am to some dog in the complex yap yap yappppping away for a good 15 minutes, as soon as I got out of bed and got dressed to take Ellie out and to yell at the people with the dog, it stopped barking.

Went and picked Jess up and headed to Old Navy for their Sweet 16 sale, their pea coats werent on sale, I figured they wouldnt be, but I did pick up 2 new fleece jacket/pull overs. They were 2/$16 so that was a good deal! It’s too warm now to wear them, and come to think of it i left the bag in the car! hah..

After I took Jess home I went to the Sprint repair store because the charging port on my BB was broken on the inside. They swapped out the WHOLE phone for me! Gotta love having insurance!


It’s not the boring black/grey like I had, I got to choose from either red or orange.. so I went with Orange! I dunno why, but I did. I dont know anyone else who has an Orange phone, I like to be different!

After that I went to Josh’s so Ellie and JuJu could play and get some energy out. They had a blast. While I was there I realized there was no internet/email icon on my phone so I used Josh’s phone to call support but what they were doing wasn’t helping. So I headed back to the store, and the girl had it done in less than 5 minutes.

The only problem with “personalizing” your phone, is when you have to REDO it all when you get a new one! Luckily I know this phone backwards and forwards so it didnt take too long, just had to reinstall apps, and reassign ringers and the like.

We finally made it home around 1230-1 and ever since I’ve been on the couch watching a marathon of Teen Mom. These girls, wow. Amber is probably the worst mom I’ve seen in a long time. Farrah really doesnt give her parents a chance, she just cuts them off as soon as they speak, and I hate how she looks when she cries! I feel bad for Catelynn cuz her mom is so white trash and she is so much better than that. Really hope her and Tyler get out of there when they finish school they’ll be so much better off. Maci, well she’s just a dumbass all around…

I dont know if I’m going to bingo or not tonight I dont have any money, and i was supposed to hang out with … whats his name.. Josh call’s him Hatty so we’ll go with that… we were supposed to hang out last night but I was so cranky I asked if we could hang tonight instead.. I havent heard from him yet but I assume it’s still on. The Egyptian wants to hang out tomorrow now too. When it rains it pours right!

I really should be cleaning up the house. The kitchen needs to be straightened up and I need to clear off the dining table once and for all, there’s also laundry to be done.

There’s roofers on our building today, obv. replacing the roof so off and on it gets noisy and the animals dont know where it’s coming from. I assume they’ll be around tomorrow as well. They were on another building for about a week…

I’m starving, had some broccoli/rice/cheese steamer earlier.. but that didnt last too long. I need something of substance! Maybe if I clean up the kitchen then I’ll bake something.

Last nights episode of BlueBloods was awesome! They just keep getting better every week! If you missed it or didnt DVR it, check it out online with that link!

Ok time to get my butt off the couch and do something!

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Monday Wrap Up

Why am I up so late every night?! I should be in bed by 10pm.. but it just doesnt happen I’m a night owl! Around 10 or so I finally got the urge to get up and unpack a few things.. started with my carebear collectibles… and cleaned off a lot on the kitchen table, and one box in the living room that didnt have much left in it.

Saving my boxes to take to Tanya on Wednesday night when we go see a Free Sneak Preview of It was kind of a funny story, i think it’s called…

Excited for Law & Order L.A. to start this week!

Wondering why the “volume” icon isnt showing up on my task bar… maybe I need a restart… hmph.

Springs wants me to come down so badly this weekend, I think Friday night I just may… He doesnt get off work till 11.. so if I left here at 10 that should be quite enough time to get there.. Not gonna stay forever though, I wanna get my nails done on Saturday since this week is payday wooohooo!! I’ve been broke since LAST payday.

Realized today that there are 3 paychecks in October, so I SHOULD be able to have the $500 I need for my next payment on the Cruise. *crossing fingers*

My repayments to the IRS start in October as well, and that blows LOL.
Mom said she’d send me money if I found a good cheap couch, I haven’t even really bothered looking yet…

Jennifer Grey is doing AWESOME on Dancing with the Stars! She’s my favorite so far!
I still need to find the remote for my bedroom TV.. dunno WHERE I put it… it has to be here somewhere….but where?! I can’t set the sleep timer w/o it super sucky…

Ok enough with the yawning time to shut down… ‘night blog world!

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BLUE BLOODS!! This Friday!!

Click to watch the previews, I dont know WHY it wont EMBED.

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