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Money Update

So back in March I wrote about taking control of my finances/debts what have you, so I think its about time for a little update.

My cruise is in 21 days, my goal was/is to have both usable credit cards at ZERO when I leave Denver. Of course I’ll be racking these back up while i’m there, but at least i have them as a cushion for now. .

I’ve also had to add my summer class fees in to the mix. Luckily my mom will be helping out with some of it. So yeah, nothing too exciting with all that. I’ve been slowly paying things down when I have the funds available. No overages, late fees, or forgotten payments! Oh and as of last week, my credit score had jumped about 20 points! Still not in the “GOOD” gradient yet.. but soon.. i feel it!

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Gave my blog a new layout today, its been well, since i came to wordpress that I had the same one, so it was time for a change. we’ll see if i like it and keep it, otherwise i’ll spend another hour perfecting something else!

wish i had the need to upgrade to a pro acct mostly for the fonts and what not lol.

check it out though, lemme know what you think!

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Just about….

Finished unpacking everything. All I have left is the new pots and pans and my suitcase.
Need to put all the empty boxes out in the storage to save for moving, no sense in throwing them away!

I'd like to play my wii tonight, but I also want to go to bed soon, I might try to do that in a few, not sure it'll work though.

Just checked my Macy's schedule, UGH.

  • Weds: 7-11:30
  • Thurs: 7-11:30
  • Friday: 7-11:30
  • Saturday 2:45-11:30
  • Sunday 10:45-7:15

That is going to fucking kill me.

Today we were told there's a huge possibility of MANDATORY overtime @ the DMV on Dec 12th. Just 4 hours, but still. The $$ will be nice. We'll see if they really go through with it.

Ugh one of the cats just took a stank-ass-poo.

Lisa and Nick are going to take my old tv, yay i dont have to try and sell it on craigslist. Only asking $40 for it anyways. So hopefully they come and get it in the next few days and I can deposit that $$, I also have $10 in rebates from SCJohnson that I need to go put in the bank tomorrow! I keep forgetting, well, I keep over sleeping in the AM and rushing to work.

So, it's 9pm, wonder if I could fall asleep anytime soon…..

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Possible Substantial Post

We'll see how much i have to say i havent updated in a few days.

I just got home from work at Macy's, only 4.5 hours today thank god. Made the mistake of wearing my "comfy heels" with the inserts, yeah, STILL HURT after 2 hours I was D-Y-I-N-G. Not one single pair of shoes i own, flat, or otherwise is comfortable to wear for a full shit, 4 or 8 hours. So frustrating.

Last night, myself, Cameron and Josh went to Fridays for bingo, but yet again did not WIN. UGH so aggravating! Next week the pot will be up to $200, and i wont be there, and the next Saturday I have to work!

The week after thanksgiving, i'm scheduled at macy's wed-thurs-fri 7-11:30, and saturday 2:45-11:30. Who's crazy idea is this?! Trying to killl me!! Those are on top of the normal 8-5 dmv job argh. Just think of the $$ Sara…

I really wish I could see the chiropractor before driving 14 hours to Nevada, but doesnt look like it'll happen, i have no money available. My mom is sending me money tuesday for gas to make it there.

I still havent cleaned the house, or done my laundry, or really anything that needs to be done prior to leaving. I NEED to do it tonight, I did manage to get the bunnies cleaned this morning. Ellie still needs a bath, and I need to pack. I really want to vacuum the car out, but again, no quarters to do so.

ATC and I were supposed to hang out tonight, but that's been pushed back to tomorrow, he bought a 1971 – 21' Trailer, ya know the kind with the bed, kitchen, shower etc.. it needs some repairs done on it, but he only paid like $760 for it, So he's all stoked about that project.

Looking forward to getting to bed at a decent hour tonight, we'll see how that pans out, I NEED to be productive, so as soon as my feet stop hurting, Ill get right on that. Good thing is, I've lost about 5 lbs or so from having this second job, since I'm not sittin on my ass at home snacking, and I'm moving around constantly there.

Waiting for Transformers 2 to copy here so I can send the disc back to netflix and by the time i get back from NV ill have some new stuff to watch!

Mom plans on buying my xmas presents while im there for thanksgiving so I can just bring them back. So i'm hoping for a Wii, and some new pots and pans and some clothes and whatever else we can find! Will be seeing my bff Jenny on weds, the night I get in, and then Melissa and I will be hanging out the rest of the time when we can! Im not usually excited to go back to NV but I think it will be a good trip. Ellie and I will be staying with my grandma so that'll be good for her!

Need to go find something to make this massive headache go away, and then cook some dinner and clean! Super duper exciting, hope you all had a good weekend… Oh yeah and WTF broncos, you lost by 30 points, who does that?

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Is it just me or has this day drug itself out. Seriously.
It was going good up until lunch time, and then slowed down.
Now it feels like its completely halted.

During lunch today I went to Target and bought some cute pink gym shorts for $7.99,
and then I saw cute cute socks, 5/$5 Couldn't pass those up!

After work I stopped by Ross to find some new tennis shoes, which I did. The ones i have kinda squish my toesies and make it uncomfortable to work out in. Proud to say I went to the gym twice this week, one of them I went swimming, and realized I have no lung capacity anymore whatsoever. So I'll be working on that. I plan on going tonight as well. Dunno about swimming though, Ive had this horrible cramp in my upper arm all day I must have slept on it weird because its very painful to lift it at all.

I was also looking at the comforters and sheets at Ross, but I couldn't decide, and put back the purple satin sheets I'd found thinking that the cats would probably just tear them up anyways…

I've got a huge new INstyle to read, I think I'll take it with me to the gym, may give me motivation to stay on some cardio machine longer…. I lose focus so quickly lol.

I received a call back from the HOA today, after I left a message about noise complaints and people sitting out front blaring their music while they wait for someone. He gave me a number for the "security" guy, "Chuck". No idea who he is. But said to call him or the police in the evenings if I'm highly annoyed (=

I need to send my NetFlix movies back, I've been majorly slacking this week on that.
Friday is Payday.
Saturday is Root Canal Day
and possibly get nails done day.

Super duper exciting right? I'm also gonna see about getting at least 2 new tires. I think I can afford 2.
Tyler also said he'd do my front brakes for me, cuz he's awesome like that.

That is all.

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Trying to detox from caffeine today…

And I did a very good job. I drank my Vitamin Water all day long.
I did buy 2 rockstars at the gas station, and I'm very proud to say I didnt open one until after I got home.

Hoping it will give me enough energy to put sheets on my bed, and put away my laundry and do whatever else needs to be done around here.

I'm currently watching Rachel Getting Married.. its very different.

We'll see how I like it…

Last night i watched Religulous. LOVED IT.

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Sunday, Maybe some Funday?

I dont really have anything planned though, so that kinda cuts into the fun part right..

I really need to clean my apt today its a mess again, I dunno how this keeps happening?!

Went to the gym yesterday to one of the cardio classes, and man, I'm paying for it now! My calves are dying!
Might go back later today if I have energy to do so.

Tanya and I saw The Ugly Truth yesterday. It was sooo cute! In those movie's I'm always like the smart guy telling the girl (tanya) how it IS lol. just like in, He's just not that into you. Same thing.

I've been enjoying the first 3 seasons of the office on Netflix the last few days, quite entertaining, didnt realize how many I hadn't seen before!

The Egyptian came over late last night, so that was fun as always hehehe….

I met a nice guy on friday and saw him for a few minutes yesterday on my way to the gym but I belive his phone died because he broke his charger, so I havent heard from him, meh whatever.

I'm starving right now I gotta find something to eat, and then get started on cleaning the house, and the bunnies, and the litter box..

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Got It Done

I finally got the productive bug in me today and got some shit done!!

Went though about 4-5 boxes of stuff combined most of it into one box and put them all outside in the storage. Hung up my lil knick knack holder thingy majiger and put some stuff on that. I found the box of all my ooolllldddd pictures, and i think sometime soon Im going to start scanning them all in to the 'puter. So i left that box by my desk area.

I also brought the tables I used as night stands out to the living room to use as end tables since they cant really be used in the bedroom. Which means I brought the lamps that go on them, and took my big floor lamp in to the bedroom. Looks good so far.

Also cleaned up the kitchen and I made preacher cookies yesterday so theyre in the fridge hardening up, ill put them into a container in a lil bit.

I've still gotta clean the litter box and figure out wtf it isn't working. It's plugged in, but won't turn on. So retarded. These damn electric boxes only last for so long. This is i think, my 3rd in a few years. Glad i didnt pay full price for it if it is dead.

Gah I forgot I've gotta vaccuum everything to!
After that Ill try to get lookin decent cuz ATC is coming over to hang out and bring me some of his Turkey Chili that he made today, so "i dont have to eat more ramen" tonight. LoL. So sweet.

We had a good time hanging out friday night at Caldonias we both got drunk enough, went home and watched Taxi Driver w/ robert deniro, I'd never seen it, but unfortunately fell asleep half way through it. Saturday morning we had a good long talk about money things and my situation and all that. Ive gotta find my tax papers and hes gonna help me do my amendment for this years so that I can figure out where I stand, and start another repayment plan with them.

Welp I better go finish this all up Hes gonna be here in a lil over an hour. I think we're gonna watch Saw V maybe, depending on how long he stays, and maybe the new Dane Cook show on my DVR. 

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Vox Hunt: What’s Your Sign?

Show us your sign and today's horoscope.

Your calendar may be more rigid today than you prefer, but it won't be a simple matter to alter your plans. You'll only exhaust yourself if you attempt to buck the tide now; it's just not worth the time and energy. Instead, flow with your current schedule the best you can without harboring resentment because you wish you were doing something else. Attitude is everything and if you can keep yours positive, the day will be a lot more pleasant for everyone.

I was SOOOO grouchy today it was unbelievable. I stayed at my desk, barely talked to anyone, and was a complete bitch to most people on the phones.

I woke up late, flipped off and honked repeatedly at some douche bag who was too busy talking on his phone to pay attention to my blinker and let me over, and then tried to get in my turn lane once i did get over.

Almost every customer I spoke with today was a complete idiot. I ask one girl, "Did you buy your car from a DEALER or a PRIVATE PARTY".. she says.. "well it wasn't really a dealer….."… so it was a private party?" …. "well no. its this guy… and he owns a business… and he sells cars"…….. YEAH THAT'S CALLED A DEALER, NO YOU CANNOT HAVE AN EXTENSION ON YOUR TEMP TAGS. …

I also got yelled at by a handicapped person because they hadn't received their handicapped placard yet, because it was just sent out last week… and she got a ticket while she was parked for the Nuggets game. again, not my fault.

and another guy yelled at me because I am "part of the economic problem" because HE couldn't pay for his registration renewal on time, and the POLICE keep giving him tickets, and WE wont give him a month or so temp extension till he can AFFORD to pay for his plates because THE ECONOMY SUCKS and its MY FAULT he cant pay for it. I told him he better pay for it because as of June 1st, our prices are going up, because THE ECONOMY SUCKS you can thank the state legislature for that, NOT ME.  he proceeded to tell me that I just dont understand because i have a job and blah blah blah. I told him that if we gave everyone extensions because they have financial hardship, no one would EVER pay for their plates which he found that hard to believe.. i said no not actually because i get multiple calls a day just like yours where people cant afford to pay for their stuff, and unfortunately theres nothing we can do about it. he eventually got pissed and hung up.

Yesterday was the "indigent lady on SSI" who didnt want to pay her late fees. and it was the "post mans fault" that she didnt get her renewal card until the last day of her grace period *bullshit* she sat in the parking lot of one of our branches for over 3 hours, she called the mayors office, the state dmv, and the governors office, but no one would waives her late fees. She eventually paid for it (all $42 dollars) I wanted to say, Im SAD that I PAY for your SSI and your ignorance, indigence, and lazyness. GO PAY YOUR FUCKING FEES.

Maybe its cuz I havent had any vicoden, percocet or muscle relaxers in 24 hours… or maybe it was just "one of those days". Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I had some ice cream this afternoon, and that got a little better.

I also FINALLY got my effing MAIL BOX KEY, it's only been.. what… 11, 12 days now? Plus I had to CALL to figure out WHERE they put it because they did NOT put it on my AC unit. They decided to put it in with a basket of stuff i had on the porch. So had I not CALLED, i would have never known where it was. 

So im finally at home, took some excedrine migraine, ate some goldfish and a cherry pepsi, and I think I may be able to unpack and put away some stuff tonight….Sidenote… Americas funniest home videos never gets old! Always hilarious.

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Today I looked cuuuuute! Even though I woke up late-ish, I took a quick shower, had time to put my newly cut hair up into hot rollers and get dressed. I did my makeup at work though LoL

Most ppl noticed my new hair cut and loved it. Isaac said i was lookin 'sophisticated' today lol works for me..

I finished the 2nd half of 543 renewals for the power company. Took me from 2-430 yesterday and from 8am to 11 today. So that'll make my stats look good! Well better than they are now, which is better than everyones pretty much. (=

I also got a call today to come interview on monday for the 911 position!! Yay!!! Im excited for that. I told my boss about it and he wasnt mad or anything so no worries there. I think he understands that Im poor, and Im just all about the money. LoL.

Happy that tomorrow is payday, but im about 200 negative right now so that effing blows. I can pretty much pay rent, and buy some cat food and gas. Thats about it. Super lame-o if I do say so myself.

However, I did buy a cute dress at old navy today. Only 10 bucks on clearance, and 2 pairs of flip flops. I had a 10% off coupon too. SO it was only like 15 bucks. not too shabby.

I asked ATC if he wanted to come over tonight and he was gonna see about switching his shift tomorrow, but I havent heard anything back yet. So Im thinking its probably a no go for tonight. I havent cleaned my house yet. I could probably do it tonight If I had some motivation.. if only…. hmph.

Emelina wants to go to TGIfridays tomorrow after work… we'll see we'll see.. i dont really have much extra money.

Im either going to go watch 30 Rock.. or clean up the house… dunno yet. 

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