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Vox Hunt: Song for Summer

Summer has unofficially begun! Share your favorite beach tune.

New Kids On The Block

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Vox Hunt: Song from my childhood

Share a song you loved when you were a little kid.

I used to run around the house and dance to this when I was lil when my cousin would put it on, or when it came on MTV i loved it then, i still love it now (=

Tiiiiiinnnn Rooof!!! Rusted!

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Vox Hunt: What’s Your Sign?

Show us your sign and today's horoscope.

Your calendar may be more rigid today than you prefer, but it won't be a simple matter to alter your plans. You'll only exhaust yourself if you attempt to buck the tide now; it's just not worth the time and energy. Instead, flow with your current schedule the best you can without harboring resentment because you wish you were doing something else. Attitude is everything and if you can keep yours positive, the day will be a lot more pleasant for everyone.

I was SOOOO grouchy today it was unbelievable. I stayed at my desk, barely talked to anyone, and was a complete bitch to most people on the phones.

I woke up late, flipped off and honked repeatedly at some douche bag who was too busy talking on his phone to pay attention to my blinker and let me over, and then tried to get in my turn lane once i did get over.

Almost every customer I spoke with today was a complete idiot. I ask one girl, "Did you buy your car from a DEALER or a PRIVATE PARTY".. she says.. "well it wasn't really a dealer….."… so it was a private party?" …. "well no. its this guy… and he owns a business… and he sells cars"…….. YEAH THAT'S CALLED A DEALER, NO YOU CANNOT HAVE AN EXTENSION ON YOUR TEMP TAGS. …

I also got yelled at by a handicapped person because they hadn't received their handicapped placard yet, because it was just sent out last week… and she got a ticket while she was parked for the Nuggets game. again, not my fault.

and another guy yelled at me because I am "part of the economic problem" because HE couldn't pay for his registration renewal on time, and the POLICE keep giving him tickets, and WE wont give him a month or so temp extension till he can AFFORD to pay for his plates because THE ECONOMY SUCKS and its MY FAULT he cant pay for it. I told him he better pay for it because as of June 1st, our prices are going up, because THE ECONOMY SUCKS you can thank the state legislature for that, NOT ME.  he proceeded to tell me that I just dont understand because i have a job and blah blah blah. I told him that if we gave everyone extensions because they have financial hardship, no one would EVER pay for their plates which he found that hard to believe.. i said no not actually because i get multiple calls a day just like yours where people cant afford to pay for their stuff, and unfortunately theres nothing we can do about it. he eventually got pissed and hung up.

Yesterday was the "indigent lady on SSI" who didnt want to pay her late fees. and it was the "post mans fault" that she didnt get her renewal card until the last day of her grace period *bullshit* she sat in the parking lot of one of our branches for over 3 hours, she called the mayors office, the state dmv, and the governors office, but no one would waives her late fees. She eventually paid for it (all $42 dollars) I wanted to say, Im SAD that I PAY for your SSI and your ignorance, indigence, and lazyness. GO PAY YOUR FUCKING FEES.

Maybe its cuz I havent had any vicoden, percocet or muscle relaxers in 24 hours… or maybe it was just "one of those days". Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I had some ice cream this afternoon, and that got a little better.

I also FINALLY got my effing MAIL BOX KEY, it's only been.. what… 11, 12 days now? Plus I had to CALL to figure out WHERE they put it because they did NOT put it on my AC unit. They decided to put it in with a basket of stuff i had on the porch. So had I not CALLED, i would have never known where it was. 

So im finally at home, took some excedrine migraine, ate some goldfish and a cherry pepsi, and I think I may be able to unpack and put away some stuff tonight….Sidenote… Americas funniest home videos never gets old! Always hilarious.

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Vox Hunt: On My Desk

Show us the weirdest thing on your desk.

Well there's this dude….

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Vox Hunt: Breakfast Cereal

Show us your favorite cereal.

Well I love waffle crisp, i havent had it in years, because i cant find it anywhere other than on amazon… so if u have some nearby, maybe you'll send it (=

Next up:

And finally, how can you resist:

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Vox Hunt: National Battery Day

Today is National Battery Day. To celebrate, show us something that requires batteries.

Well, what I had in mind might be inappropriate for some of my 'hood.. so Ill just show you what kind I use (=

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Vox Hunt: 2008 Mix Tape

If you were to make a mix tape to sum up 2008, what would the first track be? Please share that song with us.

no way that i can pick just one song!

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Vox Hunt: Halloween’s Mascot

Show us a picture of a black cat.

I'll do one better, I'll show you my Halloween Cats!

Cats 011Cats 010Cats 009Cats 007

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Vox Hunt: Best Gift

Show us the best gift you ever received.


Even though he was from Marc, and he pees on things when his litter box isn't clean, I still love him.

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Vox Hunt: Favorite Quote

Share one of your favorite quotes.

"I must be running out of luck cuz you're just not drunk enough to fuck"

more so song lyrics, but I'm quoting them.. so same thing right??
……and hasn't this question been asked a FEW times before??

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