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Sunday WrapUp

Broncos won today! Finally!  49-29 against our rivals the Chiefs! Even better. The KC Coach did not shake our Coach’s hand after the game, but gave him a stern talking to… uhh how sportsman like?

During the game I took a lot of buttons off my keyboard and cleaned out underneath it. So gross. Lots of cat hair and crapola. I highly suggest cleaning out your keyboard. Now they keys work how they should and I have to readjust my typing…

Took the roll of film I found to walgreens to get developed turns out it was some pics from my trip to New Orleans about 6 years ago… nothing really exciting though, one nice sunset shot i’ll probably scan in..

Haven’t talked to Ellie since she stole my burger. She keeps coming around but i ignore her.  She does need to go out soon though so I’ll have to do that.

Wanted to go to the gym again today, but that never happened.. I’m pretty tired, Springs didn’t show up until after 2 am, and we were up till at least 5 am. i think he left around 9 or 10 this morning and I slept till about 11… I texted him this afternoon and said thanks for coming by, i had fun.. and he said thanks for inviting him, that he really enjoys hanging out with me, and I said I did as well… Then he hoped he didnt bore me.. which he doesnt whatsoever. I just enjoy chillin with him, no pressure or anything.. thats nice.

So I gotta go back to work tomorrow, then i’m off tues weds thurs so that’ll be nice for me. Supposed to try and see Tangled again tomorrow night, that is if Tanyas not dying and can go get in line early.


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Random Sunday

I wish the dog would have let me sleep in longer today so I could get the full effect of the time change.. I got up around 930 which was really 1030 but i’d like to have slept longer. Oh well. We got up and walked to the corner gas station and got a newspaper for my coupons, and a cherry pepsi for the caffeine.

Bingo was decent last night, was just me Josh and Tasha. Josh won 1 game so that was nice. I was starving so I got a bbq chicken wrap.. their whole menu has changed only a few tried and true items are still there that I KNOW i’ll like.. it was a hard decision!

I’ve got more laundry to finish up today I’d like to get it all done so I dont have to worry about it this week.. oh its a 4 day week! yay veterans day!

Yesterday I watched all 3 Back to the Futures in a row.. and Pretty in Pink was on as well. Today, 16 candles is on. What a great movie weekend!!! I also got my netflix friday, so I have the rest of Hung to watch, and the last season of the Tudors to start. SO Excited for the Tudors! But I know once I start watching them ill be useless so I need to do productive things first.

I also re-upped my 24hour gym membership, I should go today. I need to get cruise ready. 6 months left! I need to FOCUS focus focus!!!! My piggy bank is slowly filling up, I’ve added any change i’ve had in my pockets to it all week, and even 2 dollars if I remember correctly.. once it gets heavy, i’ll take it to the bank and coinstar it.

I was aloof all day yesterday to Springs.. so last night around 8 he starts texting me… aloof always works.. ALWAYS. It’s nice when someone else makes the effort for contact, not always one sided – really makes it seem like its worth it.

Tomorrow morning Ryan Seacrest is gonna have the NKOTBSB guys on to announce the tour dates. It’ll be at 7am my time.. so i’ve gotta get up early and log on to the ‘puter. Hopefully they mention it right away cuz I have to leave the house by 7:30.

The bunnies annoyingness right now reminds me I need to clean out their cage today and re-vacuum the living room. Yesterday am Ellie threw up liquid 3 times, today Kisa did it twice. Wtf? OH I should go buy some stain remover as well… looks like i’ll be going to Target soon.. Glad my makeup still looks good from last night ha!!

BTW for LeendaDll the Falsies mascara isn’t too bad.. i was kinda iffy about it the first few days but now that I’ve gotten used to it I like it..of course it doesnt look like the commercials because they use actual false lashes to “create volume”. And my wand wasn’t purple either… LOL here’s a good post about it as well . It DOES give length, but not a lot of OOMPH..i’ve been doing 1 1/2 to 2 coats and its enough for me…

Ok thats enough randomness for now I’m gonna go through my coupons and then get movin on stuff!



Scotty (sean) doesnt knooooowww

My Saturday was i'd say 80% productive, got everything done except my bedroom/laundry, i'd like to get that done today.

We didnt win squat at bingo but it was still interesting..

I always get there first around 9:40 to get good seats @ the bar for everyone. So i'm sitting there minding my own, texting and drinking, and the bingo guy "T" comes up and hugs me from behind around the waist… i didnt know who it was at first.. so I just kinda sat there and grabbed his arms, and im like hmmm who is it? and he goes "what you dont like strange men hugging you?" I was like oh no i dont mind, i just wanted to know who it was (i was thinking it was Sean at first). So he left me the cup of beads we play with, and then came back to give me the cards…

After the first game, everyone wasnt there yet, he came back over and was like, so WHY are you always the first one here and you're alone? So i explained that Josh doesnt get off till 10 and they usually all carpool, so thats why. And that i come straight from home, and i'd been watching the new puppy and so he asked about the dogs and what not and was just being unusually flirty with me. He's always tried hooking up with my friends when they're there, never me… interesting. So then he goes, we're going out for shots after bingo right? I was like oh yes sure! LOL which that didnt happen, but he was trying, i told him we'd be at the bar across the street LOL.

So we went across the way to Scooters and Josh and his gf were having drama righting out in the car, shes just being stupid and getting on all our nerves really… still i should say… we only had like 1 drink there and just sat outside and chilled for a while.

Once closing time came around we were all standing out front and some guy was running his mouth and it was annoying Sean.. and I had to get in between them and prevent Sean from beating him up… he later thanked me for doing that because most ppl usually encourage him to do so… it was also good because like 30 seconds later 3 cop cars rolled up cuz i guess there was some drama inside.. but we missed it. However the cops all parked right behind my car so I wasnt able to leave… so Josh's drunk ass saunters over to them and is like hey.. so uhh… you guys gonna be here much longer, cuz you're kinda blockin this car? and the bald cop goes: What, you cant back up? and josh is like oh, i could do it, but this is my roommates car, and well you know how that is….so what happens if you back into a cop car… is that covered under full coverage insurance? LOL and the cop just starts laughing hes like yeah, you'll need to discuss that at home but yeah we'll get outta your way. EFFIN hilarious.. we were all like O M G Josh is gonna get arrested for being drunk in public or something, but it was all good.

When we get home the neighbors are outside all drunk because they were having a bachelorette party so we're out there talkin to them for a while and then the Egyptian texts me and hes like come over? I'm like no i'm too drunk sorry… no dui for dick… and he asks if HE can come over so I said yeah sure no problem…

Now in my mind I say oh it'll take him 20-30 minutes to get here.. and Sean will have gone home by then…
But we all go inside, Josh goes upstairs i go to my room and sean lays on the couch, says hes gonna chill for a lil while… so I'm like hmmm okay…

Soon after I get a text saying he's here, so I go outside, and as soon as I open the door josh is like what whats going on where u going whos here what'd u forget…. lol so i meet egyptian outside i'm like listen.. josh and tasha are here, and so is his bff who ive kinda been seeing, so be quiet and go straight to my room LOL.. hes like well alright then.. not like he's going to object seeing as how he has a girlfriend and all.

He follows directions well, we go straight to my room and get nekkid and get to the good stuff.. mid way through hes all.. i dont wanna go too hard and make your bed noisy… I'm like it's okay they wake me up all the time (hopefully sean doesnt hear)… i wasnt silent.. but I wasnt screaming like Josh's gf either… so LOL… I snuck him back out, even though its right behind the couch were sean was sleeping, and I went to bed…

Woke up this morning around 1130.. assuming Sean prolly went home some point during the night… come to find out he left around 7… we've talked today, but not brought up what happened last night, maybe he didnt hear it, maybe he fell asleep, maybe we're just avoiding the subject LOL

I'm going over to Jess's tonight to watch MadMen, and I made plans with Sean yesterday to

go to his house after wards since its 5 minutes from hers….. so as far as I know, that's still on, and I'm hoping that tonight we'll finally do it, cuz I dont think I can last much longer w/o knowing his… abilities… and hopefully it doesnt change our friendship considering Josh still doesn't know.. we've been pretty good about not showing / saying anything out in public… but it WOULD be kinda nice to have some PDA …

So hopefully tonight will fill my requirements for RedScylla's Filthy Slut Badge™

If that doesnt do it, I've been talkin to a guy who's coming in next weekend from Boston, BOSTON!! MY FAVE PLACE AND ACCENT!!! and wants to spend the weekend with me… hopefully that pans out…

Apparently my MOJO has returned this weekend and I'm quite alright with that long as it stays around for a while!

I better go get started on my room/laundry pile, argh
Ive watched EuroTrip twice this weekend so far, and "Scotty Doesnt Know" is stuck in my head….

Look at this precious picture, I wore them out playing ball in the heat…

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Wrappin it up

I posted on face book today:

Every weekend needs to be 3 days, because Saturday I'm too lazy to do anything, and Sunday i'm too hungover to do everything I didnt do on Saturday.

It's SO true though. Last night was a rough one!

Josh and I went to a block party in his friends neighborhood, it wasnt overly exciting, just hanging out really.. ran into Chantelle's ex again weird twice in like a few weeks…

We drank about 2/3 of a bottle of Crown to ourselves… which is a LOT.
Ellie had a good time, so many ppl around, she behaved herself for the most part, there was one dog she finally really got a long with and I let her off the leash to play with, other dogs were aggressive or too shy for her hyperness. She was finally pooped by the time we left, she actually laid down twice in the middle of the street!

Then we headed to bingo, and we had "reserved seating" at the bar LOL. We went to sit at some open space and they were like NO NO NO Over there! its all ready for you! They love us there So awesome! We didnt win anything however, but we were effing DRUNK.

There was some drama with one of Josh's friends but it was stupid.
I'm kinda over my sean crush… hes kinda put himself in the friend zone.. but i realized this the other day.
I even let him come lay in my bed last night cuz i didnt want him to risk driving home… and he stayed for a lil bit but refused to stay said he was fine to go home. so whatevs. i think he was just skeered is all. LoL.

My aunt sent me a $30 gift card for Kohls for my bday, so I went and used that yesterday, got a cute black and white flower print dress on clearance, a tan and white flowery top, and some headbands all for $27. Was trying to maximize the $$ with clearance stuff, but i just couldnt find a lot I liked.

Our bday bbq is next weekend so we've gotta start preparing for that, really just getting some food and what not and cleaning up the place…

Since ive been slacking all day, I need to go start some laundry, and clean the hell out of my bathroom, and the litter box. I still need to clean the inside of my car, so grody. I vacuumed it out the other day but thats as far as I got. 

My tattoo is looking good, the swelling on my foot has finally almost gone down all the way.. i'm sure it will starting itching soon and scabbing, thats always fun LoL. I can wear flip flops without hurting so much and limping LoL.

Welp I better go start my stuff before it gets too late…

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Catch Up Day

This weekend went by way too fast…

Thankfully it'll only be a 4 day work week, and a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day woohoo!

Then the week after than I go back to Nevada for 5 days.

Friday after work i took Jess to run some errands and pick up some clothes for her son's bday present, then we went up to see my Stephy and Randee since Randee was leaving Saturday to go back to Georgia. ♥ my girls. The baby wasnt there though because they were having a party for her cousins 16th birthday so he was off with gramma for the night.

After that I came home and passed out, oh and on the way there we almost got in 2 accidents, to no fault of mine! Some guy on the freeway just kept changing lanes into our so i swerved and then swerved again to miss the cement barriers and then honked profusely at him, but it seems he was oblivious. Then we were on a residential street behind a car, and someone coming towards us turned right in FRONT of that car to turn into a driveway so we all slammed on our brakes, and then i sat there for a few seconds honking at the d-bag in his driveway.

Saturday I went to Old Navy for $1 flip flops! w00t! Had to make 2 trips though because there was a 5 flip flop limit, and I was getting some for Jess as well. The 2nd trip in, the line had DOUBLED. Man it sucked LOL! After that I went next door to Bath and Body Works because I had a text coupon, spend $10 get a free signature body lotion… So, I picked out the Lemon Pomegranate body spray, so glad they have it now! And midnight pomegranate lotion, when I got to the register the girl said "oh the lemon pomegranate stuff is all 2/$20!" and the body spray was already $16.50, so i basically got the $15 lotion with it for $4. to me, thats like pretty much 2 things free! I made out well. Imma be smelling all lemon & pomegrante-y all summer now!

Went to Bingo last night, I won a $10 gift card and josh and sean also won one with a free app too! go us! I also invited the engineer to come with us, ugh he is so annoying though. Not like when we're out, but when we got back home. At the 2nd bar we went to, he didnt even buy me a drink, but Sean did, and then called him out on it, and he had no response to it.. .He did buy me a shot before we left, but I couldnt drink the whole jagerbomb and gave it to Josh. Jager just makes my stomach turn anymore. So we came back here and i really didnt want him to, but he came all the way from Arvada so it was the least I could do, and he left his car at Fridays which sucked cuz i knew id have to get up early to take him back to it. I barely slept because Ellie was being obnoxious and every time she came in the room he'd play with her, i finally yelled at them both to knock it off so i could sleep, it was already 430 by then. Once 8am rolled around I made him get up and take him to his car, i was like sorry, i have shit to do today. . . . (like come back home and sleep till 1pm, which I did). I really dont think I'll be hanging out with him again. It's just not there, and the sex isnt that great, i gave him 3 chances… he's a nice person and all but eh not so much.

Ive decided to keep my book case after all, was going to give it to Tanya but that'd require driving it across town, then I was gonna put it on craigslist…. but its just too much effort… so I put all the shelves in it yesterday and started putting stuff on it, might as well unpack it since theres no where to put the boxes lol…. I also put away almost ALL of my laundry yesterday, I still have a few things in the dryer. I would like to finish everything today, probably as soon as I finish playing online scrabble with Josh. Oh an I need to go clean my car out and go through coupons argh.

I FINALLY watched this seasons premier episode of In Plain Sight with Donnie Wahlberg. gah i'm so in love with him its ridiculous lol. I also put Boomtown on my netflix, even though it was only 1 season, it's full of Donnie.

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Sunday Already?

Where did the weekend go? Sunday just feels like a day to play catch up not so much for fun things. For me at least.

I MUST go to the old place and clean the carpets today and finish up, I havent been over there in prolly a week.
So I need josh to go with me to get rid of the couch.

Josh let me take the beeeemer yesterday

Well its not his car but our friend Julien's but we've had it for a while. It was fun to drive around, however the steering wheel feels so small compared to mine.

So I went and got my last check from Macys with Jessica and her son, in which they gave me CASH??? I dont know of ANY employer that gives you CASH as your departing check. Why they couldnt direct deposit it I dont know. They're bassackwards as it is.

I got my nails done with some of that money yay! and some cat litter from costco oh joy costco on a saturday, luckily it was right before closing and I only needed 1 thing so i got in and out pretty quickly.

Stephy & Aj
Auntee Randee & AJ

Then I went and saw Stephy, Randee and the baby, he's 3 weeks old now, and was very cranky because he's got some diaper rash going on, no matter who held him, he was upset =

Her mom asked when me and Randee are gonna have babies next and i laughed and said never EVAR! and then Randee asked me what kind of BC i was on so she could get it too LOL.

Oh and I'm feeling MUCH better than I was Friday. I'm glad it didnt ruin my weekend like they said it would.

We didnt win squat at Bingo last night. I was seriously 1 NUMBER away from winning $350. That would pay my rent! UGH!!! No one else won though so next week it'll be $375.

My bank acct is seriously negative right now, and I've got $20 cash to last me till thursday, then I've gotta pay rent again, and I'll basically be even in my acct. So much for getting ahead with 3 paychecks this month. Why does nothing ever work out in my favor money wise? Argh.  Hopefully Ill get a majority of my deposit back from the old apt. *crossing fingers*

My stomach is growling I've gotta go find somethin to eat for breakfast.

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I havent done a *real* post in 8 days! WTF! I guess things have been kinda crazy busy around here.

Next Saturday is my last day at Macy's wooohooo! Hopefully i can use my discount friday or saturday and get some cheapy stuff before I leave.

So let's see, Wednesday I had a date – a new guy, I'm gonna call him… hmm… the Carpenter, cuz that's what he does aside from going to school for "engineering". To me that always sounds like you're gonna drive a choo choo train, but it's not. So anyways we got SHITFACED that night btwn 3 different bars, then went home and had another drink and well.. you know… he left around 7am Thursday morning – so Thursday was a lil rough just a tad bit hung over but I made it through the day.

Thursday night myself, Ron, Corrine, Jess, and Josh all went to Fridays to watch the nuggets vs lakers. go nuggets! There was also karaoke going on then too – it was amusing, and scary at the same time.

Friday night after work I went out with the carpenter again to some lil podunk redneckish bar where they were doing karaoke o m g. wow. yah. I ended up staying at his place that night and met his cute corgie Maddie. i shoulda taken a picture, she's OCD about tennis balls just like Ellie is lol.

Saturday i was GOING to be productive but I sat on the couch and josh and i watched deadliest catch for a while, then i ate some pot stickers and passed out on the couch for about 3 hours till i had to go to work lol.  then of course bingo Saturday night where we did not win anything, sadness! i was only 1 # away too! It was my plan to go home and sleep for about 10 hours Saturday night, and Ellie let me have about 9 so I was okay with that.

oh lol so NC texts me saturday night saying hi and what not and that he's out at the bar with his gf(roommate) and their friend, and then sends me a pic of the 2 girls. WTF? why do i want to see that? i dont care. so josh and i take a picture of us with him grabbing my boob LOL and send that to NC. and he's like is that ur roomie? im like yup, but we dont get down like you and yours do. LOLOLOL. after some back and forth and josh stealing my phone to text some rude shit to NC it comes out that the roomie is no longer a virgin, and that she "asked" for sex. lolol. So my response was *shrugs* guess ill never understand why someone holds on to something so precious for so long, and then easily and quickly gives it up… guess thats just my mind frame as a whore though because i gave that up a looooong time ago…………. lol didnt get much of a response after that! hah. i'm not usually that catty but fuck dont send me pics of your gf, I DONT CARE. 

I made biscuits (*from a can) Sunday morning for breakfast and then finally unpacked about 3 boxes, then i had to go to work, which was sooo boring and lame, my gawd. Last night i was watching the deadliest catch season 5 recap since the new season starts tomorrow, i cant wait! cept i'll again, BE AT WORK. ugh it always cuts in to my important shows! i'm sure they'll replay it or i can catch it online.  After that I watched 2 episodes of "LIFE" on discovery, hunter & hunted, and insects. pretty cool! Oprah is kind of annoying as the voice over but whatever.

Hopefully tonight I'll have energy to finally go through the kitchen and reorganize and unpack everything so we can have lots of dishes and pots n pans and silverware lol. we're working with minimal things right now.

I still need to decide if I'm going to keep my book case or give it to Tanya – I kinda want to give it to her, just so i dont have to lug it around anymore LOL. but that also means i have to transport it to her across town, strapped to the top of my car… hmm.

Can't wait till payday Thursday! I need some monies!!!

Oh look at that Conan's Moving to TBS 4 nights a week!   


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I’m always gonna want to blow your mind

Geez it's Sunday already?? UGH where did the weekend go?!

Oh yes, friday night i slept, mhmm.

Saturday was laundry day ALL DAY LONG well, once i got motivated, then i changed my bed sheets and what not.
Bingo night of course, we won $20 gift cards AGAIN and a free app card. Bummer though – for us – someone won the $400 pot!! UGGGH!!!! we were only 2 or 3 numbers away too. So close!!! Next week it starts back over at $50. le sigh!

Josh's friends showed up and I've never met them before but I was being NICE… and after the 2nd game and quite a few drinks josh and I were jokin around and I said your friends are bad luck! tell'em to leave!!! well we'll call her "the asian" took offense to that, not understand it was a JOKE and got a lil pissy, which i didnt notice, cuz well, i didnt care.

The game we finally won they were all getting ready to leave and she turns to Josh and says okay lets go, and hes like go where? and she says we're leaving, WE had plans…. and he says… no.. Sara and I had plans.. I just invited you along…. which pissed her off even more LOLOL. So funny to me, grown women with so much drama and insecurity.

After bingo he went to the other bar and met up with his friends and i guess she was still having an attitude and threw  out there, "well i dont care if u and sara have something btwn u two whatever" and he said, nope nothin btwn us and you're just jealous and full of drama for no reason, so don't call me again.

I *SO* don't miss those situations where I'M that girl. I just dont give a fuck anymore, no reason to get all worked up and be jealous and all that crap. and its even more hilarious that everyone THINKS something is up btwn the two of us. We're just SO alike and get along so well that I guess it comes off that way. *shrugs*

But the whole time I'm thinking, wow, this is just like last weekend, where *I* didnt blow off Josh for Chantelle, thats what you do when you have plans, you stick with'em! That shows that he's a good friend right there.

For those of you who upload music to VOX – mainly crankypants how long does it effin take anymore?? my other window here has been open trying to upload a song for about 10 minutes now…. does it work better in IE? (not that anything does)

I've gotta go clean the kitchen, somethin in there is stanky! and hopefully finish my laundry soon, oh and clean the bunnies ugh! they are so needy. Tanya is taking me to see The Blind Side later today yay movies! yay free for me movies!! 

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Not a lot..

Tryin to remember what I did all weekend, but it really wasn't too exciting, i believe friday i just stayed in and watched Away we go, and caught up on some late night shows…

Saturday we went to Fridays for bingo and did NOT win again bah!
Came home and passed out.

Today did some shopping, see previous coupon post, and I'm now all caught up on One Tree Hill and am finishing up the last few episodes of Gossip Girl now. OH and I went to the gym to watch the Broncos, however they lost )= first time this season. How laaaame 30-7. Wow, when we lose we do it good!

I'm tryin to start going to the gym more and more, maybe lose a few lbs before I go home for thanksgiving… we'll see if I can keep it up.

What I have NOT done, is finished cleaning my house and laundry. Just dont have the focus or motivation for it.
I'm all outta sorts with the time change even though I was totally looking forward to it.

That's about all i got for now…

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Monday’s over

It's the end of Monday, and to me it feels like Wednesday already

I enjoyed a 3 day weekend, however Friday was an unpaid furlough day, ugh thats gonna hurt on my paycheck this week.

Saturday I spent 3 hours at Macy's filling out paperwork and going over some boring "get to know the company" cd's. At least I get paid for it! Plus, they pay out on a weekly (Friday) basis, that will be nifty spifty! So Hopefully they get my direct deposit set up and ill get like, $15 probably from them haha. However I dont start officially "working" until the 29th of November, quite a ways away. I may have some training before then, still waiting to hear back.

That evening ATC and I went to Fridays to play some bingo, and have some happy hour

drinks and nom's. We were SO CLOSE to winning at least $25 but someone else got it. Sucky. He ended up going home because he had to work early, so I ended up going to Cameron's to watch Role Models.. ended up there till about 3:30am before I came home. I passed the hell out after that and slept pretty good!

I only woke up around 10:30 when Ron texted me reminding me I was supposed to be at the bar to watch football, even though the bronco's weren't playing. He was supposed to be bringing guys for me to meet, but the only one that showed up, came with his girlfriend.. uhm. what the hell. So we watched the steelers beat the vikings, it was an exciting game even though I dont like either.

ATC texted asking if i had plans that evening which I didnt, he said he'd be in the area around 4pm, and kinda just invited himself over, which was fine LoL. I was layin down when he got here, I had a massive headache from all the hollerin at the bar. So again, watched Role Models, he brought over some rib-eyes, so I made those up with some corn and biscuits, he fell asleep for a while, but then woke up and decided to go home and start brewin some beer.

So the weekend was nice, and chill. Today was actually not so bad of a monday. I wasnt cranky or grouchy or tired, despite getting my stupid period, and it being again, a monday. We'll see how tuesday turns out!

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow after work, one of my crowns doesnt feel "right" it's been hurting to chew on that side and I just wanna get it checked out.

I really despise on ABC's website when viewing shows, and it goes to commercial, you have to CLICK after the commercial or it wont start playing again. UGH. Every other network plays automatically, such a pain!

It's almost midnight, i gotta get to sleepy time. 

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