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Catching Up

I feel like i haven’t updated in days….aaaaaaaand I havent!

Lets see…whats been going on…

Friday was a day of errands and what not…

  • Went to Zumba
  • Went to Post Office
  • Went to Old Navy and used my groupon, got a cute shirt for the date purple and white racerback tank
  • Took my ON receipt to Coldstone for bogo ice cream, got one for me and Ellie
  • Did *some* laundry, and put *some* away….
  • Went on my date, we went bowling, then to his condo to watch movies, and played with his puppy Harley, such a cutie… I ended up staying the night, but all we did was cuddle… i was sandwiched btwn him and the pup…it was cute LOL. Hopefully we hang out again, when I left he said “we should do this again” so, we’ll see.
  • Saturday was super duper busy, I left his house, came home walked Ellie and then went back to sleep for 3 hours.
  • Then i drove to broomfield for a consumer testing thing and got paid $35 woohoo. Then came back home again.
  • Made some brownies to take to the NK bday get together.
  • Pretty sure I took a nap or something of that sort…
  • Then I drove back up to thornton/brighton for the NK (new kids) birthday party, I was there for about 6 hours! It was at my friend Keri’s house. We had yummy lasagna, salad, my fat free brownies, and angel food cake w/strawberries, oh and lots of Malibu! LoL..
  • Keri’s a licensed hair dresser so 3 of the girls got their hair done while we were there and we watched the NKOTB Coming Home DVD and reminisced about the cruise and tours, and talked about ppl on twitter that we don’t like very much LoL
  • Her doggies loved me, i gave them so much attn, and then they tackled me on the floor it was fun!
  • Look at that UnderBite! How could you not love that face LOL that’s Louie and the doxie is Toby.
  • Sunday….what did i do Sunday…I got a newspaper..
  • Cleaned the bunnies….
  • Made a roast…
  • Yeah not too much got done yesterday lol

I woke up all night long cuz it was pouring like crazy out I had to close my window and sliding door cuz everything was getting wet, there were huge puddles outside my place this morning. Went to Zumba, it didnt seem as full today, maybe the rain kept people away…

Felix asked if I was coming to the 2 hour party on Saturday and I said probably not because I don’t have the $15 for it……. he said Well, it’s at the new studio, just come, you can pay me whenever you get money. How awesome is that! He’s the best, I swear. He also asked how much weight i’ve lost, i said i’m STILL at the 15lb mark.. and it wont budge, and i’ve been doing 3 classes/week. He said I should up it to 4-5 a week… i’d like to! But his other 24hr classes are at clubs above my level ie. more money…he also asked if i was eating good.. which i have been for the most part… maybe have 1 soda a week.. I’ve been drinking Country Time lemonade from the can/powder..  and water, but not as much water as I should.. its just soo boooooring LoL

This Saturday me and 3 friends will be going to Old Navy for a sample share for their shorts and what not, meaning we each get a free pair of shorts, a top, and an accessory! I get these awesome sample shares from Crowd Tap, its hella fun and I suggest you join!

Still havent found me a job yet, but I did send out a bunch of resumes this weekend, some restaurants, some receptionist/office positions things like that… hopefully something comes along soon! My unemployment says it was “approved” last week, but then thursday I got a letter saying I have to call in for an appeal hearing on the 27th. gah, really!? c’mon already!

Ah well i better wrap this up and maybe head to bed…


Lots of free time to do whatever

Day 2 of unemployment. Not to bad akshually.
True, its Saturday but still LOL.

Last night I went over to Aarons for our 2nd date.. we went and had Chinese food for dinner yumm including crab cheese wontons, my fave. As we were sitting at the table I looked out the window and said OH! Ice Cream! in a joking manner… however he knows how much i love ice cream, so we went to Baskin Robbins afterwards (=
Apparently he knows the way to my heart.

We then went back to his house and watched The Fighter (swoon) he requested I bring it, and who am *I* to turn down a Wahlberg… we also watched Funny People with Adam Sandler it was good, but loooooooooong 2 hours 26 minutes long. We were both sooooo tired when it was over…Was expecting him to say it’s late (almost 2 am) you should just stay……. but that never happened. o_O

Damn him not being a manwhore LOL.
So it was another nice date for the books.

Today was such a nice day, 78 degrees in Denver. I slept in till 11, went to AJ’s bday party, then came home and lounged around. Even though I said id take a few days off, i sent off about 10 applications/resumes to things online.

Caught up on my DVR: Greys Anatomy musical, I liked it. BlueBloods awesome as always, and Heavy, always intense. Actually able to watch SNL in real time tonight since I’m not going to bingo.

The news  just said its supposed to be snowing  by noon tomorrow. WTF

I’ll need to go pick up a newspaper tomorrow and probably clean up the house. Get things in order since I’ll be here so much hahaha. Have to plan out some meals I still have a lot of stuff, ppl made fun of me for my food/product/whatever hoarding but it sure is coming in handy NOW!

I stocked up on dog and cat food yesterday with some great coupons for Target so they should be good for a few weeks at the least.

Hey! Tom Hanks on SNL! Nice Surprise!

I feel dehydrated, I’ve drank 2 bottles of gatorade and about 28 ounces of water this evening, but still….probably just from the heat. It still feels hella hot in the house.

Gotta print out the ppwk and see about applying for food stamps on Monday possibly, its all the way across town though ugh, what a pain. Also gotta do the stuff for unemployment and school. I applied for FAFSA the other night and filed my taxes online. Still have to do the state taxes though, maybe tomorrow when I can focus more.

Checked online, and in the state of CO your former employer has 24 (business) hours to provide your last paycheck. So Monday morning Ill have to call and say WTF is my money bitches.

Chantelle also mentioned that my insurance should still be in effect for 30 days, thankfully (hopefully) because I have an appointment on Wednesday to get my birth control removed/replaced. Hope its only a 30 or 50 dollar copay and not more. |=

My new phone, EVO Shift should be coming on Monday. Seems it went out on Friday however I do not have a tracking # yet \= I’ll have to remember to put a note on my door for UPS to leave it if possible if I’m not here, since I’ll have Zumba Monday morning. Need to look for a case for it on Ebay on the cheaps.

It seems the cats do not appreciate their water fountain I bought for them. Already threw out the box and receipt so no returns on that boo. I dunno WHY they dont like it? No one I know wants/needs it. Wish there was a way I could utilize it for the bunnies LOL

While brushing my teeth the other day I somehow stabbed my inner upper lip/gum line with my toothbrush and its hella sore still. Musta bruised it pretty bad, who does that?!

Chan just drunk dialed me saying she misses me and she wants to move home so bad. etc etc etc. Nice to have her back w/o all the drama.

Double surprise! Jake Gylenhaall just made a cameo on SNL too!

Ok thats enough randomness for tonight, ill wrap it up now!


Sunday is for Cleaning

I’m going to try to make this quick since I should be off the couch cleaning the house.

We did NOT go to bingo this week *gasp* i know right.
Since someone won the cash last week, there really was no point, not sure if we’re actually going to continue going. The bingo caller quit (walked out one night we heard) and the clientele showing up is just getting more and more ghetto. We’ll see how we feel next weekend.

Instead, I went out to dinner with WTR to Sushi. It was yummy and I had Saki for the first time, we had 4 different flavors, Fuji Apple, Pear, Plum, and Raspberry. We both agreed that Plum was the best.

After that we went back his apartment, it was still pretty early probably 830 or so, did our thing and we both fell asleep! hahaha he woke me up early it felt, it was still dark out, not surprising with the time change, but when I finally got out of bed and found my phone I saw that it was only 5:45!!! meaning it was “really” 4:45! wtf?! I tried to fall back asleep there but it just wasnt happening, so I left and it had snowed right before! of course! gah! but it was wet thick fluffy snow, that basically melted when it hit the pavement so it wasnt a big deal. I got home around 6:30 checked all my social sites and then went back to sleep.

I was playing some of Donnie Wahlbergs “back rub” radio shows and fell asleep to those, and had good Donnie dreams! One was I was at my grandmas house with ellie and 3 other dogs, one being a bull mastiff (i dont know anyone who has one) and they all got out of her fence and were running around the neighborhood, i got all of them back, and then Ellie did it again! Somehow she ended up in San Diego (my grandma lives in Nevada) and some bicyclists found her and got her micro chip scanned, they couldnt get a hold of me, so the 2nd emergency contact was Donnie Wahlberg and he was in the area so he went and picked her up and then I got a hold of him once I found out he had her and we met up and I got her back. hahahah crazy right?!

There was another dream w/donnie in it but I dont remember it now. i’m sure it was sexual in some nature hahahahaa.
i remember it now, I was at my high school trying to find certain rooms I was supposed to be in, and when I found it the class was for defensive driving class!? I finally went out side and thats where I found Donnie he’d shown up in a limo to deliver Ellie to me and everyone was freaking out cuz they wanted to know who was in the Limo but i wouldnt tell them, and he’d parked it farther away and was already out of the limo talking to me they just didnt recognize him with his hat and sunglasses on LOL.

Ellie is obviously not affected by the time change whatsoever she was up bounding around barking poking at my bed chasing the cats being over all annoying this morning so i finally got up around 11. Since then i’ve been laying on the couch, watched last nights SNL, Zack Galifinakis was hilarious esp his opening w/the Annie dress and pink panties with white ruffled socks. Look it up if you missed it!

I just ran to Starbucks and got a Venti Caramel Frap no whip to get me jump started on cleaning. Even though its now 3pm lol.. They also had some news papers left so I picked one up there so I didnt have to make another stop!

Oh yeah, guess what.  It’s 59 days until THE CRUISE!!!!!!!! wooohooo!!!

Alright I’ve gotta go get laundry started, huge pile on my bedroom floor, clean some litter boxes and bunny cages, and straighten up my living room it’s a disaster. Hopefully I can make a dent in all these things. Yesterday I amazingly cleaned the bathroom so that’s outta the way!


Winner Winner!

So i just spent my last $12 on this mini-book from my favorite artist, Kurt Halsey. With all pre-orders he’s including a hand written post-it. You may think what’s so big about a post-it? Post it’s are a huge part of his art work and when he has exhibits, they fly off the walls.. Anyways, I’m totally stoked for it, and it looks like he’s going to be putting out some more mini books.

3 hours till football kick off, Broncos vs Raiders. I hope we kick their butts!! Glad the Giants are going to the World Series they deserve it. I bet my grandma is ecstatic.

It seemed like I got a lot done yesterday, did dishes and put a lot of laundry away, had to wash my quilt since some feline barfed on it.. I need to clean the bunnies today and make my bed again…

Bingo was AWESOME last night. Corrine won the first game woohoo.. Josh won the 3rd game yipppeee. and then his friend Pete, well, he won the JACKPOT!!!  $225 !!!!!! Thats the first time anyone of our group has won the jackpot. So he ended up paying our tab which only came to $35 after our prize winnings and coupons… It musta been his lucky night, cuz earlier he was downtown with his gf, and he’d lost a $100 bill. So luck was on his side to win.

I’m starving I need to find something to eat and get my butt in gear. GO BRONCOS!!!

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I was productive

Yesterday’s to-do List

  • Today I will go to either Old Navy, or Target and buy some new underwear.
    Done, went to Old Navy spent $7 on 6 pairs, went to Macy’s spent $9 on 3 pairs, hey I spent less than $20 thats all that matters
  • Then I’ll clean the living room/bunnies/litter box
    Today, I cleaned the bunnies and vacuumed the living room. yesterday i did the litter box.
  • Send out some bills
    Done, dropped them in the outgoing mail box.
  • Go to the post office to try and find my package w/o throwing a temper tantrum (maybe)
    Was successful at both
  • Going to meet up with Original Josh tonight, so I’ll miss Blue Bloods.. but the DVR should record it, which i’ll double check before I leave. Tanya and Ron may be coming as well.. we’ll see.
    Done.. Tanya came – at least she left the house for once, and I watched Blue Bloods today
  • Hmmm i could use a hair trim.. maybe I’ll get a wash and cut done while I’m out running around today..
    Yuuuuup did it, lookin good!

Tanya is on her way over to pick up some boxes, If i was motivated i’d empty out a few more but.. i’m not.. there’s enough for her.

Seems the roofers are finally done this afternoon with my part of the building, my throbbing head thanks them.

Supposed to go to Thornton for Stephy’s bday party tonight, long drive, but I should at least make an appearance and show up to bingo late.

I cannot get full today, had cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast, and then a ham sandwich for lunch.. i’m still hungry.

The Holiday, Dirty Dancing, Where the Heart is, and Shrek have all been on TV today, and I have watched them all, at least parts of them all.

Went to Tyler’s today so he could check out my car, he couldnt find anything loose in the door that would be causing the lights to stay on, took the whole panel off and everything. Put it back together and tightened some bolts around the door latch, when I left and got back home the light was still off so hopefully it stays that way. I think it just needed a little tightening, i mean the car IS 13 years old… so really its just being a rebellious teenager right now!

I better get off my butt and do something ….

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Guess who won!

At bingo last night!!

$20 gift cards and 2 free app/dessert cards. wooohooooo
We had a $6 tab after that LOL

Then we headed to the Proof and met up with Michelle and danced a lil bit..

Stopped at Village Inn afterwords to have a snack.

Finally got home and went to bed around 3:20 last night…. havent stayed up that late in a long time!!

I wanted to go to the Zoo today but its supposed to be 92 degrees… not sure how enjoyable that would be, and being fathers day its hard to tell if the zoo will be busy or not….argh.

Supposed to have a date later today too, we'll see if that happens or not.

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Not even close to a Manic Monday

There's been a Hoarders marathon on all day on A&E some I've seen before and others I'm watching for the first time. Love it! Makes me want to get up and clean stuff LOL

After I got out of the shower today I found Josh outside cleaning the patio!
He says its cuz he saw ants, but I think it was because of hoarders!

Just watched an episode of Obsessed too, this lady was freaked out by her own poo, and took a shower after every time going to the bathroom, a 2 hour shower! Crazy biznatch.

Went and had Chinese with Jess for lunch.
Then went to Cameron's and hung out for a lil while. We went and saw MacGruber – it was funny, that stupid funny, I could've waited till DVD but oh well. I have to admit I did fall asleep for a few mins during the movie, but that was my own fault, I was full and exhausted. We went and had dinner at Red Robin since he had a gift card to use. So it was a nice chill day with my friends. Just as it should be.

Have a few things left to finish up for VoxProj wknd, and I also need to start packing my suitcase since I leave on Thursday after work.

Back to more hoarders!

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Free for Friday!

Today is a furlough day so no money, but it IS peace of mind. We do get paid for the Holiday on Monday so I'm okay with that I guess.

I was able to "sleep in" until about 8:30 today, so nice. I made sure to turn all my alarms off, however the dog you cannot shut off… but she got the hint eventually.

It's 2pm and I was already slightly productive:

  • Went to Arapahoe County and paid my vehicle registration. Their office was pretty much empty, no lines, no long wait, completely opposite of ours
  • Hit up Wal-Mart and got the carpet cleaner I had a coupon for, and some of those "space bags" that you vacuum out the air of hopefully they'll work I want to use it for sweaters and blankets
  • Got my nails did woohooo! There was a bridal party there as well, kind of annoying, omg this and omg that and yes, i am so excited, in monotone voices… if it was the day before my wedding i'd be bouncing off the walls…
  • Stopped off at PetSmart and got bunny litter, food, cat food, and litter. Expensive lil bastards! But they need to be stocked up since I'm going on vacation again.
  • Finally filled up my car with gas and came home.

After reading crankypants Post i want to participate in the VoxProj and clean some shit up!
Imma focus on my bookshelf, filling it up, and putting all my shoes away and straightening my bedroom.
I'd also like to completely finish unpacking, there's still a pile o'boxes just a lil one, in the living room.
The bunnies also need to be cleaned.

Went grocery shopping last night and bought a bunch of healthy food, lettuce, cucumbers, strawberries, bananas, yogurts, etc. At least I can eat decent before I go back to NV next week. Maybe i can lose these 5 lbs from the cruise that are hanging around, of course I'll need to hit up the gym as well LOL.

Right now though, I need a snack, then I'll start being productive, Oh and I have to go to the bank and give my mom some $$ This is going to take forever to pay her back LOL

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Making progress

I got a lot done yesterday
Today, I need to get MORE done

I've got a pile of laundry on my bed that either needs to be hung up, or packed.
The dishwasher needs to be turned on, but I know there's at least 1 fork under my bed, but I can't reach it, that will have to be washed later. Noticed my missing boot was under there too… I swear I live with raccoons or ferrets who steal shit and hide it, not cats and a dog.

It looks nice outside
Yet the windchill is a BITCH.
It was supposed to snow last night, but it didnt! YAY! It kinda sprinkled a lil rain, and moved the heck on!!
It'd be super if the foot of snow would melt by next friday, would making moving so much easier. Because then we can just transfer stuff over the balcony instead of out the hall through the foyer and down the steps.

Went to 7-11 this am to get a coffee and blueberry muffin. Yummy.
Now that i've fucked around online and seen everything there is to see, I should get productive.

Oh, hung out with Mike last night (dude with the kids) or as we now call him GVR, for he lives in Green Valley Ranch.
Ive known him for 2 years, never went to his house til last night. It was very cute, and the kids were not there, even though they're adorable. They would have cut into our "adult time". LOL. He also showed me pics of his ex-wife. I always wondered what she looked like. Tall, skinny, Blonde, Pretty – but fucking psychotic. You could tell she was a lil crazy just from the pics LOL.

So after that I had a convo with Ron, trying to figure out why guys hang out with me vs their ex's. Because we're totally different in every way possible. I'm short, pudgy, and average – but i rock in bed. LOLOL oh and not psychotic. I'm not one of those girls who goes "why do you liiiiiike me tell me EVERYTHING" yet, I still wanna know , ya know! lol

Oh well it's bingo night yay for that, and the chatterbox from earlier this week is coming – why did i invite him? Me being polite i guess. He started texting me last night after I left GVR's and he's like 'wanna have some fun" im all "sorry, I just did" lol thinking hey, that'll turn him off maybe he'll leave me alone. But NOPE he didnt care. He's like "we can just take a shower and what not" . . . . yeah, no thanks buddy. I KNOW he's "expecting" sex tonight, and, If i get drunk enough I just might, as long as he just STFU. I told Josh to tell him tonight to stop talking LOL. And i'm supposed to tell his chick to stop biting him LOLOL. Oy vey.  I had to tell him last night my phone was dying, that finally got him to stop texting, surprisingly.  I really wanted to see the Egyptian yesterday, but when I texted him his response was "I"m in cali with my GF"… uhmm okay I should really be notified when booty calls go outta town!! lol common courtesy right! 

ABC's video player is not playing any sounds for me, so I cant watch my shows!! WTF!!! I thought maybe it was my 'puter, but I've restarted it… and comedy central's site was doing the same thing, NBC works fine. Can't totally be me then right?

I've been feeling a lil butthurt about NC lately, because ever since his new roommate moved in, I'm feelin a lil neglected!  I'm hoping that will wear off soon and we'll be back to chatting everyday and what not. I know he enjoys the company of someone being there, but I like the company of talking to you!! How upset can i be 1700 miles away right? He used to initiate all texts/convos/calls/voice chats, now I'm the one doing it. I dont like being the chaser-i much prefer being the chase-ee.

I think I'll put some music on, and go put my laundry away. I may even vacuum the bedroom and dismantle the bed, just to get it done.

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4 Free Days!

I have officially started my 4-day weekend!!! WOOOHOOO! I took Friday off as a personal day, and then Monday is Cesar Chavez Day! 

Went downtown and took the test today for the Impound Lot – it was pretty effin hard!! But I think I did *ok* we'll see if I get an interview… and wtf would you be doing anything in regards to fractions at the impound?!  14/16 minus 3/4 = ??? I guessed 1/8… from what I hear, thats correct.

I was the first to finish the test and was done by 2:30 so I came home, and actually got productive!! I packed up 2 boxes!! Put sheets back on my bed, and did 2 loads of laundry, which reminds me I need to go pull the towels outta the dryer.

Other than Bingo, I have no plans for the weekend aside from packing and cleaning and possibly painting.

i NEED to call my leasing company tomorrow and see WTF is up they NEVER responded to me about being able to pro-rate april. not surprising, they have no sense of urgency for anything, and i contacted them over a month ago.

My Stephy is about to pop any day now, poor thing has high blood pressure and is swollen like a macys parade balloon, tuesday will be the day unless she gets worse or goes into labor this weekend.

I kinda wanna see Alice in Wonderland again….. and I def. wanna see She's outta my league, as well.

Need to remember to turn all my alarms off tonight so I can sleep in tomorrow!! For now, I've gotta feed the dog and myself…

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