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I’m taking my money! …. and well, then I’m puttin it in my wallet. . .

on July 1, 2009

So there! Big EFF YOU to Washington Mutual/JPMorgan Chase. I've had all I can deal with of them, so today after work I went and closed my account and took my $78.16 with me! A holes. The guy asked me is there a reason why?… and I said oh… there's MANY REASONS WHY… he chuckled and continued on with the transaction. Didn't seem too surprised by it. I'm sure there's a lot of customers out there that have closed their accounts since Chase took over. I really don't like their customer service, all obviously over seas, outsourced BS. I hope they're the next to go under.

I have already redirected my direct deposit to my credit union savings account, so that should be good to go by next paycheck. I have to pay off an old debt to the NV credit union, and then I can open a checking account with this new one. All will be well. I still have my paypal account so my mom can send me money, and I still have a debit card to be able to use. Sooo it *should* all work out.

Melissa got her plane ticket today to come visit for my bday party!! I'm sooooooooooo essited! My boss is even letting me leave 2 hours early on Friday the 10th.  I'm going to get us tickets to a Rockies game while she's here, I have a coupon for 10 dollar tickets. Kickass! So we're either going to go friday or saturday I havent quite decided yet. After the game we're gonna drink it up and party downtown! I'm totally stoked!

I went to the Dollar Tree after worked and picked up some things for the party.. plates,

bowls, plastic cutlery, my lil pony napkins, and some decorations. Ü hehee. I guess i'm not really gonna have a theme, cuz i went by party city today and everything was either for children, or luau which ive already done, or disco/over the hill crap. Not so much.

My mom said she ordered my bracelet/bday present last night, dunno what it looks like or when I'm getting it though… soon, maybe this week? And my grandma is giving her money for my bday present for her to deposit for me tomorrow. So that's kick ass. So yaaay my bday's a week from today!  Booo for getting older though LoL.

I dont really have much to do around the house, its all pretty clean. I could put the rest of my laundry away… and maybe clean the litter box… but I dunno bout all that

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